7 People Confess Their Partner's Fetish And How It Affects Their Relationship
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7 People Confess Their Partner's Fetish And How It Affects Their Relationship

"At first I was a little hesitant, but it turns out fetishes can grow on you-a lot."

7 People Confess Their Partner's Fetish And How It Affects Their Relationship

Deep down, we all have some kind of fetish. Whether you like to admit it or not, something makes you tick. You may not care to talk about it, but these seven people did.

1. Female, Age 26

"When my boyfriend and I first started talking, he admitted to me he had some kind of weird fetish, but didn't feel comfortable telling me what it was until we got more serious. I could tell anytime we were doing it that part of him was holding back something he wanted to say or try. Finally one day I just stopped what we were doing and said: "Try whatever it is your "fetish" is so we can just get it out of the way. It's too weird doing stuff with you for you to be half in it." That's when he grabbed my hand and put it towards his ass, and I realized he wanted me to put a finger in there. I just stared, shocked, at him because this is something I had NEVER done with another guy. He had to walk me through the whole thing, but eventually he and I figured out how to make his fetish play out to his liking."

2. Male, Age 28

"My girlfriend has always been into BDSM, but I thought it only went on in the bedroom, but it turns out she likes to be told what to do, what to wear, and how to act in public places. I didn't figure this out until one day we were at my work Christmas party and she was my date. She had a few too many glasses of wine. She started to get a little possessive if I'd talk with my female coworkers until I took her out into the hallway and under the staircase and just sternly told her to get a grip. She was acting like she was a child and she needed to settle down or we'd leave. She was speechless, but completely turned on. We left early and I noticed something so different with our sex that night. She was completely submissive in all forms. This is how we continue our relationship now and it just works for us."

3. Female, Age 23

"My boyfriend is OBSESSED with older women. Like 40-50 year old women who have kids already. At first it kind of angered me that he was into older women when I'm way younger than that, but then I realized I am kind of into older men myself, so it's a joke between us that we'll leave one another for our parents."

4. Female, Age 25

"Even though I hear a lot of people talk about this, my boyfriend's weird fetish is my feet. He really is into anything concerning them. I often wondered how my feet would work in a sexual situation, but you'd be surprised everything you can do to turn your partner on with them."

5. Male, Age 27

"So my girlfriend and I actually have the same fetish. We enjoy our nipples being clamped while we cum. I didn't originally have this fetish going into dating her, but with her being older, she actually introduced me into this world, and it became such an intense orgasm, that that's all we practice now. If you would've told me a few years ago that this would be my fetish, I would have probably laughed in your face, but don't knock it until you try it, seriously."

6. Female, Age 29

"My boyfriend loves when I wear heals. You'd think it was because it made my legs look longer, but he just loves me in heels. He likes looking at my heels, licking them, and f*king me in them. I don't even question it now because our sex is just amazingly hot when I'm in them, so I'm down for it always."

7. Female, Age 28

This is going to sound weird to everyone, but since this is anonymous I guess it isn't that huge of a deal, but my boyfriend enjoys watching other guys f*ck me. This is something I NEVER would have agreed to prior to us gaining trust within our relationship, but once we did and he confined in me about this, I was really interested in trying. It is kind of a thrill to watch your partner watch you and see how turned on he is by it. I wouldn't think I would like it as much as I do, but I don't plan on stopping this.

Fetishes are very often given a bad name, when so many of us have them but are super hush-hush about it. I encourage you to become more aware of fetishes and to even check out the documentary on Netflix called, "The Little Death." It describes different fetishes and shows you how some play out. You never know what knew fetish may await you.

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