So, tell me, what's your story? Everyone has one. Mine is a long one, but one of its highlights is that I have chronic depression due to my Bipolar Disorder (to deem this as a highlight is totally ironic, I know). Life can get you down sometimes, or all the time. Everyone deals with stress or if you're like me, depression, in their own way. Though, sometimes it can feel hopeless. I just want to say "it gets better." It may sound cliche but it's possible.

When you're depressed it feels like your world is slowly crashing down. Once upon a time, I was so depressed I wasn't being myself. I wouldn't shower for days; I wasn't sleeping or I was sleeping too much. I wasn't eating which increased my anxiety and I also transferred schools which also super increased my anxiety. It all felt so scary. Until I started to get help which changed my perspective.

Plot twist: I left all my toxic friendships and relationships that drained my energy behind. I found a mentor and went from having a 2.1 GPA to a 3.0. Along the way, I met amazing people and created new and healthy friendships who put me onto different paths to an exploration of discovering my true self.

I began to take everything about my mental health seriously. I decided I wouldn't be a victim in my own hell anymore. Through the support of all my friends and family, I learned to love myself because I chose to try. I allowed myself to feel loved. I allowed myself to love other things and I allowed myself to receive love. Deciding to love me is the theme of my story. Without accepting love and myself, I'm not sure where I would be right now.

Although my story isn't over yet. I still get sad but in the end, I've learned being depressed is not a choice but how you deal with it, is. We create our own distorted realities while being depressed and choose to live in them, but we must fight. If you change your perspective, you can rewrite your story. What will your theme be?