Why Confidence Really Is Key

It is not easy being confident, and I know first hand. In a world where were told that skinny is in and we need to look like this and that and do this and that to fit in is a lot of pressure on us humans, especially females.

Self-love is probably one of the most challenging thing for any human to do for oneself. We compare ourselves with one another on social media, wondering how we can ever be good enough. Should I get a career like her so I can make a lot of money? Should I dress like her so I can be decent looking? Should I get that car to impress the guys? Should i wear makeup so I can be seen as pretty? We ask these questions to impress others and fit in but the reality we don't ask ourselves is are we happy with who we are? Can we be confident with what we already have? Can we grow confidence? Can we simply be happy doing our own thing? The answer tho all of those questions is yes.

I used to walk around thinking how ugly and fat I was. i thought I would never amount to anything. I thought i had a bogus career. I thought my disability was a set back. I thought I was too disappointing to talk to guys or to apply to any job I have an interest in. Until I started building my confidence up and things really did start to change.

I started to wear a touch of makeup and I did feel beautiful. I wore things that were a little bit more in style while still being myself. You don't need fancy clothes and makeup all the time to feel awesome so some days I rocked my Yankee hoodie and sweats with my messy bun. I started saying YES to dates and no to guys that I had no interest in, and I was fine with it. I started realizing that not everyone was and is going to like me, and that is okay. I realized that I rock my leg braces for my disability and people love me for them. People will judge me and that is okay. i became confident in my work for school and in my field of broadcasting; I am growing as I learn. I am learning to love my body while working on my goals realizing that I am not the skinniest person in the bunch, and that is okay cause I enjoy my pizza once in a while.

It takes time to be confident in yourself. You truly need self-love to conquer anything in this world. Being surrounded by people you love and going after your goals without fear and hatred for yourself is truly a beautiful thing. Be kind to yourself and know that no one is perfect in this life and that we are doing our best. You will be judged but you can react or not react to those judgments.

You are loved and beautiful Be confident. As Demi Lovato Says "What's wrong with being confident?" NOTHING.

Be confident..be you.

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