special bond has always existed between a father and his daughter. Many say that the bond begins the moment a father lays his eyes upon his daughter and only continues to grow as time goes on. A father starts out in his daughter's life by being her hero and first love. He later becomes her best friend and man for which she will compare all other men to while still keeping him as the number one man in her life. There is more to the father-daughter relationship than meets the eye; therefore, here is a list of things that all Daddy's girls know to be true.

1. His advice is always the best.

It doesn't matter what trouble life has thrown one's way, Dad will always be there not only with a shoulder to lean on but also wise words of wisdom to share. The more he advises you, the stronger and more capable you become.

2. You have many similarities.

There are many things that you have in common from liking the same sports teams to liking the same food and eating it the same way. Or, most importantly, in my dad and my case, loving International Harvester tractors more than what might be considered "normal." In fact, a Daddy's girl has so much in common with him that people will often say, "You are just like your Dad." That will always be a compliment in the mind of a Daddy's girl.

3. He taught you a lot about life.

Dad has taught you many life-lessons, so many that you actually take them for granted after awhile. He has taught you the importance of hard work, the importance of doing something that you love, the important of taking the time to appreciate the little things, and the importance of taking time to laugh because laughter is the best medicine. For me specifically, the lesson that my dad taught me occurred during the hours I sat on the buddy seat of the combine while he harvested the crops each fall. The most important lesson I've ever learned while sitting in the passenger seat listening to the corn leaves rustle through the combine head is the importance of family tradition. As the third and fourth generation on our family farm, agriculture is literally in our roots. He taught me that agriculture is more than just a career, it is a way of life. Even though farming isn't any easy way of life, it is a life we love and wouldn't want to live any other way.

4. You share the same sense of humor.

Sometimes the things you and your dad find funny are not actually funny to anyone else but the two of you. It seems strange that no one else is laughing as hard as the two of you, but it is simply because of the many similarities you share. (Yes, in this picture we had just been laughing about something we had seen on the road while taking a load of grain into the mill).

5. You have many inside jokes.

Many of the inside jokes stem from having a similar sense of humor and simply being together to see the same thing. However, it only takes that special look that you give one another to know that you are thinking the same thing which always ends up in laughing hysterically while those around you watch in complete confusion.

6. He is your "Mr. Fix-It."

From bruises and broken hearts to car trouble and broken appliances, Dad has just the right tools to fix anything and everything. And while he fixes whatever it is that is broken, Dad always takes the time to make it a learning experience. He instills in his daughter the skills needed to fix the problem on her own next time whether it be changing a flat tire or the oil in the truck and how to jump the car when the battery is dead. Everything he fixes for her turns out being a learning experience that deepens the bond shared between a father and his daughter.

7. He is the main character in many childhood memories.

When a Daddy's girl reminisces on her childhood, many of the memories revolve around the times spent with Dad. It is a well-known fact that no one attended a tea party as well as Dad, could dress up as a princess as well as Dad, or could milk a cow quite as well as Dad.

8. You have a difficult time saying goodbye to him.

When it is time to go back to school, it is always hard when you have parents that are hard to say bye to. However, it is even harder when your Dad stands there trying to act like a manly man telling you to "Be good." He will never admit it, but each time you leave, it never gets any easier. That's why it is never good-bye but rather until next time.

9. Dad loves every present he receives.

Whether it be the cliché "#1 Dad" coffee mugs he received when you were a child or the "D.A.D.D" (Dad Against Daughter Dating) t-shirt, he wears it proudly.

10. He was your first love.

Your dad was the man you first loved and vowed to marry one day. You have continued to love him because he loved you when you were the awkward teenager and even told you that you were beautiful. They have continued to love you even now when you are taking your first steps into the adult world. Even though you have made mistakes in the past and will continue to as you grow up, your Dad will always be there to lean on, love you unconditionally, and never let you down.

11. You value his opinion above all else.

Whether it be in regard to how an outfit looks on you, how your hair looks, or even thoughts on a potential guy, your dad's opinion is always worth its weight in gold.

12. He is the one you base your opinion of all other men on.

Because he was your first love, a Daddy's girl will always search for a man that reminds her of her father and, honestly, doesn't want to settle for anyone who isn't like him. Furthermore, Dad will let his opinion be known because he knows his daughter and ultimately wants to see her find happiness. So, if Daddy isn't happy then it's pretty safe to say that the budding romance is now dead.

13. He will always be there when you need him.

When in need, it's always Dad to the rescue. It doesn't matter what time it is or if he has a million other things going on, he will always take the time to help his little girl. Dad is someone special, he has never let you down and has loved you unconditionally. He is the real hero.

A Daddy's girl is a special kind of girl because she knows what it is to have been loved unconditionally, to have been cared for and to have been the apple of someone's eye. She has learned from her father the type of man she wants to one day find and hopes that he will resemble her dad in some shape and form. But it is crucial to know that no matter what man comes into a Daddy's girls life, her father will always be her number one because he loved her first, he held her first, and a place in his heart will always be hers. I am proud to be my Daddy's little girl and couldn't imagine how differently my life would've turned out without his guidance and never-ending love in my life. I love you Dad.