Over spring break, my friends and I visited our high school. It was my first time stepping through those doors since I had graduated. Instantly, I was brought back a wave of memories and the feeling of sweet familiarity. It was truly a walk down memory lane, and I couldn't believe that so much had changed in my life since college had begun.

For a hot second, I imagined being back in high school and reliving the most eventful, yet painfully stagnant four years of my life. And slowly, all the little things that I missed about high school resurfaced.

1. Walking around in the hallways

2. Going out for lunch

3. Having study hall to do anything but study

4. Having gym and changing in the locker room

5. Being in a class for an entire year

6. Knowing exactly what's due and when

7. Having tests on material covering no more than one or two chapters

8. Meeting your friends every day in the designated area

9. Seeing familiar faces every day

10. Connecting with teachers

11. Being able to ask for help without feeling overwhelmed

12. Having consequences

13. Driving to school senior year

14. Hearing the bell after every block

15. Only having hour-long periods

16. Having everything in one building with a fixed schedule

17. Waking up and coming home at the same time every day

18. The ability to be absent without having to worry about missing a huge chunk of material

19. Getting excited every time a teacher is absent

20. Texting your friends to meet you in the bathroom

21. Taking the bus with friends

22. The rush of excitement whenever you occasionally broke rules or ditched class

23. Knowing every kid's name in your class

24. Extra credit assignments to bring up your grade

25. Guidance counselors to help you with literally everything

26. After school clubs

27. The drama

28. Not having to pay hundreds of dollars for textbooks

29. Senior class trip, yearbook photos, prom, post prom, pep rallies, school play, field trips, etc

30. Having lockers (even though you probably never used it)

31. Feeling like your biggest stressor was preparing for SATs and college apps

32. Anticipating the day when schedules come out and sharing them with your friends (because you actually have hope that you'll have common classes)

33. Living in a tiny bubble and feeling like the smallest problem was going to be the end of the world

34. Having major milestones and growing up behind these walls over the last four years

Being back in the hallways, talking to my teachers, and experiencing the day-to-day happenings once more made me realize how much things had changed since high school ended and college began. While I'm definitely glad to be out into the real world, every now and then, I long for the ease and familiarity that I took for granted in high school.