6 Things College Students Find Less Stressful Than Watching The Browns Game

It seems like every week, Browns fans have to endure a game that never turns out the way we had hoped. It's heartbreaking, frustrating, and just stressful to be a Browns fan sometimes. So, here are six things that can't even compare to the stress that watching those games puts us through.

1. Having an assignment due at 11:59 and starting at 11:55

Those stressful minutes can't compare to the frustration of watching a Browns 4th quarter sometimes.

2. When your phone is on 5% and you forgot your charger at home

Well, at least now you don't have to see some of the score updates.

3. When you wake up 5 minutes before your class starts

With how fast you're running to class, the Browns might as well put you in as running back.

4. Taking an exam that you didn't study for

Your score might still end up being better than the Browns' though.

5. Being jam-packed with assignments

Much like the Browns, time never seems to be in your favor.

6. Not knowing what you want to do after graduation

Not having a game plan is a little less frustrating in this situation, though.

But despite our frustration and the constant attacks on the Browns, we'd defend our team no matter what, and we'll never stop watching every single game. They might not always play the best, but we'll always have their backs, win or lose, and we're not going to give up hope on them anytime soon.

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