When You Find Out You Need Surgery In College

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article called "A Day In The Life Of A College Kid Stuck In The Hospital," in which I described what it was like to be in the hospital for a couple of days also while being a college student in a demanding semester. Since then, it has gone viral and when I heard that sitting in a Dunkin' Donuts doing my homework one random Friday, I was shocked. So I thought that now it has been a few weeks since that, it's probably good to give an update.

Also when I told my friend Morgan about this idea, she said to do it.

To summarize what happened in the article I wrote while in the hospital, I had chest pains and I thought they were heart-related so I went to the hospital, they weren't but something was suspicious in my stomach, many more tests, an answer was found. I know I said that Coca-Cola was going to be my best friend in the first article, but thank god it's not now because pop is not my thing and that was just a temporary thing.

So what was the problem? So there is a bezoar in my stomach, which is basically a mass. It's benign so I'm not in serious trouble, thank god. I also had iron deficiency anemia which was caused by this bezoar. When I got out of the hospital, I went back to school for a day and then I had to go home for the weekend for an endoscopy. I don't know how to describe an endoscopy, but it was a procedure.

For that weekend, I had to be cautious about what I ate. I was put on a soft food diet, so I couldn't really eat many of my favorite foods. That weekend was also Super Bowl weekend so it was hard to pick out what to eat and what not to eat seeing all of the food at the Super Bowl party I went to (my endoscopy was Monday). But the Super Bowl… I liked the halftime show more than the game. I'm not a defense heavy fan.

OK, I got off topic.

The morning of my endoscopy was one of the hardest because I couldn't eat a certain number of hours before the procedure. My procedure was at 10:30 a.m. and I was starving. All I wanted was food. The endoscopy happens, and it's concluded that my bezoar takes up more than half of my stomach.

In conclusion, I will be having surgery to have this monstrosity over spring break. It was originally going to be that week, but I persuaded my parents to let me go longer because if I were to do it then, I would have probably had to take a semester off which was something I didn't want to do.

As of right now, I am currently going about my spring semester. I'm taking classes, I'm in a placement in Toledo, Ohio, I'm still involved in my sorority, and I'm hanging out with friends. The only setback is that I can't do anything dance related. But hey, I'm making this work.

Just got to get through the month of March now.

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