You love to hate her and hate to watch her fling herself at Nick, but you have to admit, Corinne keeps things interesting. She's especially talented at explaining the life of a college kid. Here are some of her best:

1. When you decide to take a nap in the middle of the day and accidentally oversleep for class

2. When you and your roommates have a secret code around other people

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3. When your friends ask you if you want to have a girls night binge eating

4. When you see those nasty bathrooms out

5. When you get to your bed after a long day

6. When the professor says the final is cumulative

7. When you are trying to prove to your parents you are a mature independent woman.

8. When you are so hungry you'll eat almost anything

9. When you see what all the other girls at the pregame are wearing

10. When you're hungry for something you can't afford.

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11. When you're trying to impress your crush at the club

12. When you get a good grade on a test you thought you failed.