Emma Chamberlain is the queen of coffee. In any given YouTube video she posts to her channel, you can probably find her drinking coffee at some point. As someone who also loves coffee a little too much, I have found myself relating to her love for coffee with every video I watch. If you too can't seem to pass up a good cup of coffee, Emma Chamberlain is the YouTuber for you.

1. The time she shared her favorite coffee recipe with the world.

YouTube/Emma Chamberlain

When you finally perfect the way you like your coffee, all you want to do is share it with the rest of the world so they too can enjoy how great it is. When Emma shared her recipe for the way she makes her iced almond milk latte, every coffee drinker could relate a little too well.

2. The time she couldn't help but share when she has a really beautiful coffee.

Instagram / Emma Chamberlain

If you follow Emma on any social media whatsoever, you know that she loves to post a good coffee picture. As someone who drinks a lot of coffee, I am definitely guilty of doing this from time to time. Sometimes you just hope that someone out there will appreciate a good coffee picture as much as you do.

3. The time when she accidentally bought extra long reusable straws but kept them for hands free coffee convenience. 

YouTube / Emma Chamberlain

Emma was just trying to save the planet when she accidentally purchased straws much too long for the average cup. What was Emma to do, you may ask? Well, she did the one thing any coffee-addicted person might have done and kept them and uses them when she doesn't have hands to hold her coffee.

4. The time she made her friends coffee.

YouTube / Emma Chamberlain

Emma is no stranger to making coffee to drink with her friends while they chat about life. As a college student, one of my favorite things to do with my friends is going to get coffee or simply making some in the dorm to share when we are all about to pull an all-nighter before a big exam.

5. The time she made an entire video of herself drinking coffee.

YouTube / Emma Chamberlain

Sometimes your coffee is so good there are no words to truly explain it. The time Emma Chamberlain made an entire video of her silently drinking her coffee was a moment all coffee drinkers could strangely relate to.

6. The time when her Instagram feed became dominated by pictures of her drinking coffee. 

Instagram / Emma Chamberlain

Honestly, this is so relatable it hurts. As someone who loves coffee, I am always looking for the trendiest coffee shops around, which ultimately leads to a large number of pictures being taken of me drinking coffee. I really don't blame Emma for sharing her love of coffee with the world.

The next time you need your caffeine fix, try Emma's signature iced almond milk latte. I promise you won't be disappointed.