Sips of coffee unfailingly paired with a hardback;

my mindless routine. Mindless at least

until the dull embers of conversations grew into

scattering profound flames.

Coffee in hand, book in hand,

I claim the last table in the back of the coffee shop.

Soft ripples run through the coffee

directly to the chair of lingering silence.

Silence embeds reminiscence.

Coffee now a movie screen, I see us.

No more than four feet, struggling to climb onto

the basketball-infested trampoline.

However, it's no longer a trampoline.

First jumps awake the poisonous snakes in the pit;

getting them out becomes our mission.

"The Dynamic Duo has Done it Again!" they said!

Success calls for biking to Jackie's;

we always loved their ice cream.

Taller than five feet; evolution is clear.

Disastrous makeup and horrendous hair

obviously paired with acne and braces.

Playdates turned into hangouts,

and hangouts became coffee shops.

No one likes junior high, but I did.

Because I had coffee you.

They say good traditions never die,

and whoever "they" is happens to be right.

Coffee and books, laughter and tears:

the epitome of our last four years.

Caps in place, gowns ironed and zipped.

Suddenly, a fallen tear creates a glitch.

Diplomas in hand, all bags packed.

The ending of an era.

Three more tears shatter the screen,

coffee stares back at me.

Mind shouting

"I can't lose you! You're my best friend!"

Anger takes a seat in the director's chair,

giving coffee the silent treatment.

Vision veers to the right;

my forgotten book.

The morphing cover becomes us,

but it says "The Story of Me."

Caffeine, glitching again;

or so I thought.

Flipping through the pages,

gazing at the memories;

they all made me who I am today.

Marble coffee table

Reading in the trees

Car Night


Just to name a few.

Me and you, best friends through

good, bad, ugly, and beauty.

I wouldn't be me

if it weren't for you.

Inspiration, motivation, dedication;

it all came from you.

Front and center,

the Dynamic Duo;

because who would I be

without you?

You are:

the beauty in every cup of coffee,

the beloved protagonist in every story,

the serenity of a happy ending,

the inspiration of craftfully woven words,

and the love and joy of a coffee shop.

Using these and more to mold me into who I am

makes you the star of my story.

Loving, laughing, crying, and healing

all is easier because

I have you.

We are bonded by these memories,

these moments of life we share.

College and distances are temporary;

Forever is our love for coffee each other.

Forever is our friendship.

And I look up and smile,

for what beautiful thoughts to have in the back of a coffee shop.