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Let The Magic Happen

When two authors come together to create a powerful story-line, it kind of looks something like this.


Scene Idea:

I let out a shallow sigh. What the hell am I even thinking, I thought. Damn it! I throw a book against the wall out of anger and heartbreak. Why did I let this happen? I was even warned not to get too close.

It wasn't until I heard a knock at my door that I realize there were tears streaming down my cheeks and onto my shirt.

"Katherine, are you alright?" Damen sounds through my wooden door. "Is it alright if I come in?" I hear his hand on the doorknob in anticipation.

"Uh, yeah, sure. It's unlocked," I said as I quickly dried my tears and regained my composure.

Just as I turn around to head toward the door, I walk right into Damen.

"Oh, gosh!" My hand whips to my chest. "Don't do that!" I giggle, "you scared the hell out of me." I shove against him.

His eyes, wide from my reaction, begin to warm up as a gentle chuckle comes up from his throat. Gosh, he is adorable. I couldn't help but return his warm smile. My heart skips a beat.

"Are you alright?" His tone went from playful to serious and compassionate in a matter of mere seconds.

"Yeah, I am alright. Why do you ask?" I try to cover for myself just as I normally would. Now isn't the time to discuss this.

Damen fills the space between us. "You seem to forget that I am pretty much a walking lie detector. Plus, I can hear your heartbeat and how it always skips a beat and speeds up when I enter the same room as you.

Crap...I sigh, this time from anxiety. Now I have to tell him...what if it's too soon or he doesn't feel the same way? I don't think I can do this.

"Damen...I can't. Not yet." I turn away. No, not here, I thought to my tears as they speed to my eyes.

"Kat, look at me." I feel his body softly brush against mine. My breathing pauses for a few seconds. And then I feel it. How being near him makes me feel.

"You can feel it, can't you?" he whispers low into my ear. The hair raises almost immediately all over my body. I step away to catch my breath as it begins to race a bit.

"Have you ever met someone who you were instantly comfortable with?" I began, "Someone that you could just connect with on an entirely new level?" I slowly turn towards him.


"This person would instantly bring you peace as soon as you felt their presence. In a way that made you look forward to the next coming day(s)." Tears sting my eyes.

"Yes to all of it," his eyes soften, "it was kind of like love at first sight, but you didn't realize it was until it comes barrelling at you like a freight train." He smirks.

"Yeah," I breathe, "kind of like that." I couldn't do much more than stare at this freaking point. Does he feel the same way? I wonder. No way!

"Do I know the person you feel this way about, Kit-Kat?" He smirks in a way that let me know he knew the answer.

"Hmm, I am not sure. You just might. He is about this tall," I raise my hand above my head, "he has deep chocolate brown hair and a smile to melt ten tons of ice," I blush.

"Damn, he sounds hot." He steps toward me.

"Oh, he is." I back against the wall I threw my book at. He reaches up and runs his hand through my hair, letting out a low appreciative growl.

"So soft."

My breathing hitches. That was hot as hell. "Damen, I am in love with you. I have been for months now."

He strokes my cheek with his thumb, "I know, beautiful. I have loved you, too." He presses his lips against mine. "Do you know how beautiful and alluring you are?"

"Mmm...only when you tell me."

He brings his mouth to my ear, "you're enchanting." the hair on my body stands once more.

Tears sting my eyes, "I have never felt something like this before. I am so scared," I admit.

He takes my hand and places it on his chest, "I am, too, Kat. I am, too." He bends down and kisses me. His lips are so soft.

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