5 Reasons Climate Change Is Fake News

This article has one purpose: to educate you on why climate change is not a thing. So many Environmentalists get up in arms about trying to reverse its effects, but I am unsure it even exists. I myself am an avid environmentalist but one must take a long hard look at the facts before deciding whether or not to fight the good fight. Believe it or not there are groups of people that don't believe gravity exists and believe the earth to be flat. Let's join these marvelous einsteins by calling climate change: Fake news! Let's review the evidence.

1. NASA has an evidence website, so what?

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration aka NASA has a website detailing evidence of the vital signs of climate change. We probably shouldn't listen to them though, right? These people have seen the dark side of the moon and the greater beyond. People at NASA do what we literally joke as the hardest thing to do. We make the joke "Well it's not rocket science!" They literally do rocket science! Who are they to tell us climate change is real?

2. Glaciers are retreating

There are a lot of environmental photographers and videographers recording the loss of glacial ice. It has been tracked for years. Who cares? I can re-freeze water in my refrigerator. Doesn't it work the same way for the entire earth and its intricate biospheres and ecosystems?

3. Extreme storms are increasing

So apparently in 2017 the US experienced 17 large namable storms. That does not include all the 'on again off again" crazy weather people in each region have been experiencing. The winter storms alone spanning from 2017-2018 were 19 in total. So what? I can take a little rain and wind and snow and destruction of whole cities. Can't you?

4.Ocean levels are rising

The National Oceanic and atmospheric administration (NOAA) has a simple website that says "is sea level rising?" & they state a simple 'yes'. So hm, let's think about it, the organization dedicated to recording and measuring the ocean levels rising say "yes". Oh well, I suppose we can just purify and drink it so the level will go down.

5. Air quality has decreased

Does anyone remember the Beijing Olympics back in 2008? Olympians had to wear masks to cover their mouths! Nearly 350,000 to 400,000 Chinese die prematurely due to air pollution. That is an international example but a national example would be California. I have asthma and I suppose I can just loan my inhaler to everyone so we can all breathe. Just because we can see the visual smog doesn't mean we are creating it or increasing it, right?

So I have detailed why some people believe in global climate change and its effects, but hey.... it's probably fake news, right?

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