I know that it's old news, but according to the United Nations, we only have about a decade to get control over the Earth's rising temperatures. If we can't figure out how to, then I won't have kids.

Since a young age, I've always wanted a family. I would daydream a lot about what names I would give them, what kind of toys I'd buy for them, and what kind of mom I'd be. But I don't want to bring kids into a world that's damaged. It wouldn't be ideal.

I love kids and I think that they bring joy into my life. I even started to pursue a teaching career in early college. I work with them over the summer. One way or another, kids are always involved in my life. Being in a mom role fits me and I know that I'd only want the best for my kids. If the Earth isn't able to provide that for them, then I don't have a reason to bring them into this life.

There is another way for me to become a mom without ever bearing children. Adoption. I know that not everyone has this option to turn to, but if I'm able to be a family to someone in need, then I'll choose that.

But not bearing my own children saddens my heart as well. I think that there's something extraordinary about being able to grow a human inside a uterus. When they come out, you can step back and think 'Wow, I made that.' Or at least, that's what I'd think. Plus, you're able to create a special bond with your own kid, someone who shares your genetics. But I'm not saying that adoption is bad. Those kids need someone to provide for them, and I am willing and able to do that.

When I read the news about our climate, I started crying. I don't want to live in a world that is more polluted than it is now. A clean Earth is a safe Earth. But I'll say it, whoever denies that climate change isn't real is wrong. Just look around you, the evidence is there. Do you really think that a garbage patch in the ocean twice the size of Texas wouldn't have an affect on the climate?

In Washington state, wildfires in the summer have become more of a common thing. When I was a kid, I don't remember smoke engulfing the west coast for a week or two. It never happened. Last summer we had to move my outdoor camp inside. It's hard to fit 100 plus people into a tiny school gym. And it seems as though these fires will be the new norm.

I wish that there was an easy solution to this problem. It almost feels like it's out of my control. I am nowhere near a position of power that will have an impact on this solution. All the different countries of the world need to work together to create more renewable ways of sustaining life.

Kids are the future of the Earth. They will be the ones that take care of it once we're gone. We need to clean it up so they're able to live long and healthy lives. It's not your job to leave trash behind and have someone else take care of it. That's rude and inconsiderate. So why do that to our kids?