Why The Pacific Northwest Is A Great Place To Attend College

Why The Pacific Northwest Is A Great Place To Attend College

There are plenty of great universities in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, but I'm definitely partial to WWU.

University of Washington

The Pacific Northwest is a magical place. It’s different, it’s unique, and it’s one of a kind. Many college students find themselves studying in this region and calling it home. There are many qualities that make the Pacific Northwest an ideal place to go to college. Here are just a few:

The greenery.

It’s quite an obvious fact that the Pacific Northwest is full of immense greenery, thanks to the wonderful weather. The beautiful landscapes are an Instagram user’s paradise, and the hikes are a great getaway for a stressed-out student. The Olympic Mountains, the Cascade Mountains, and the Columbia Mountains offer a little bit more difficulty for hikers who want more of a challenge and for students who have a great love for the outdoors. The greenery and forests that populate the Northwest give college students an active escape from the stress of classes.

The accessibility.

The Pacific Northwest is perfectly situated where there are plenty of hotspots to visit that are easily accessible to reach. Depending on preferences, one day can be full of city adventures and the next can be full of scenic hikes and remote excursions. For any college student that is looking for an escape from school stress or the typical college town scene, the accessibility of mini-vacations can be very appealing.

The music scene.

The Pacific Northwest, especially Seattle, has been home to some notable musicians, such as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, The Head and the Heart, Jimi Hendrix, and Nirvana. EDM duo Odesza and alternative rock group Death Cab for Cutie both came together at Western Washington University while music festivals such as Bumbershoot and Sasquatch continue to draw in large crowds. The Pacific Northwest’s music scene is perfect for a college student looking to see their favorite mainstream artist perform or to catch an underground artist at a local bar.

The sports team.

It’s a well-known fact that Pacific Northwest fans are passionate about their sports teams. Going to college in the Northwest would drop a student right into the thick of it, the atmosphere, the cheers, the intensity. With teams like the Seahawks, the Mariners, the Sounders, the Canucks, the Storm, and the Trail Blazers, there are plenty of teams to choose from to root for. Sports and college go together seamlessly and students could find great excitement in rooting for their favorite team.

The seasons.

There are four seasons in a year and many states in the country don’t get to see all of them! While the Pacific Northwest is stereotypically rainy, seasons like spring, summer, fall, and winter all make beautiful appearances. There really is no beating the Northwest when the leaves start to change and the hikes on a beautifully sunny summer day. College students can bundle up in their sweaters and boots for the fall and winter, then bust out their shorts and Seahawks bro tanks when the sun comes out.

The college options.

No matter what school students decide on attending, there is no going wrong with the options the Pacific Northwest has to offer. There are plenty of great universities in Washington, Oregon, and the British Columbia area from well-known University of Washington and University of Oregon, to the smaller and not as well-known Evergreen State College, Pacific University, and Simon Fraser University. Each student that chose these universities also chose the Northwest and all that it contains.

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