Recently, I found myself an hour outside of my hometown with all of the people I went to high school with, enjoying Saint Patrick's Day weekend.

A few minutes into being there, I already felt right at home again with some of my favorite people. Ironically, I didn't hang out with these people when I was actually in high school. Some of my closest friends have become so distant and out of reach, but I noticed that the people I never really spent the time getting to know are undoubtedly the most fun people I have ever encountered.

However, I also noticed a sad reality: those that were dating the same people they dated in high school were also cheating, visibly cheating around mutual friends. Nothing was said, and not one eyebrow was raised.

I asked my friends about it, and their response was, "Oh no it's mutual, they both cheat on each other when they're apart." The subject was dismissed as if it was old, irrelevant news. I guess I was late to that party.

I know that our generation has written off everything sweet and endearing about dating, but each day I am perplexed by just how far we have taken it.

Couples don't even make excuses anymore. It's as simple as cheating on each other during the weekends and sending sweet good morning texts on the weekdays as if it never happened. How many Instagram photos will it take for people to see through it all?

Thank God you got 800 likes, though! That definitely makes up for the time he or you just spent with someone else saying and doing the same things, right?

I thought Snap-chatting other people while you were dating someone else was disrespectful, but excuse my ignorance.

Apparently, you can openly cheat now and still post that, "Happy six months," series of photos later that night.

Will we ever start truly dating again? Or is that concept completely diminished?