Having Cerebral Palsy Made Me More Resilient

Growing up with a physical disability wasn't easy for me. I went through all the emotions of being a special needs child. Then I had to adjust to being the oldest sibling of four younger siblings. Despite this, I never let my limitations define me. I used to think that having cerebral palsy would make me different, but instead, it made me more resilient.

I learned to adapt to doing tasks differently. I learned to respond to a setback with positivity and hard work and I realized that those two characteristics are what helps me overcome my obstacles. It wasn't always easy but I managed to come to accept the condition as a gift that draws me to people. Having the condition made me appreciate what doctors, therapists, friends, and mentors have done for me to get me to where I am now. It's a great story starter.

I get asked all the time about why I limp so much while I am walking and alas, that's when I get to tell my story. It gave me a voice. It gave me the ability to speak from the heart. It got me into writing, and writing allows me to express my thoughts in ways that I couldn't when I am talking. It is a blessing in disguise that helped me come to with what life has handed me so far. With cerebral palsy, I managed to accomplish a lot of milestones and I am proud of myself for overcoming so much at a young age.

The point here is, no matter what kind of disability one may have, one can surpass obstacles as there is a support system from the community as well as one's own willpower. I think the inside is what makes each of us unique. So, I want to encourage all of you, readers to make friends with the special-needs community; they will teach you a lot of life lessons, not because they are different on the outside but because they remind us of the deeper meaning of humanity-- that is an opportunity to practice kindness and embrace humility.

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