Yes, I went to a private, Catholic, all-girls high school. Yes, I wore a uniform, complete with a white polo and a pleated plaid skirt. And yes, it bothers me when people turn my uniform into a slutty costume for Halloween.

First of all, where did the stereotype that Catholic school girls are inherently slutty even come from?

It disgusts me to no end. The private school girl cliche coined by Gossip Girl does not hold up in the real world, and the way that this idea is portrayed in the media is often sexualized for reasons I cannot understand.

You won't see the girls of my high school dressed to the nines in cleavage-bearing button downs, loose ties, and expensive high heels. Instead, you'll see sweatshirts galore, half-calf socks paired with comfy Ugg moccasins, unbrushed hair, and tired eyes.

Why? Because we value our education over our appearance. That is the typical Catholic school girl.

We dressed for ourselves and our comfort; not for our peers, and especially not for men. There is literally nothing sexy about what I wore to school every day for four years. I focused on my studies and so did everyone around me.

And it's all undone on one holiday in October when people everywhere decide to mock us by rolling plaid skirts, tying up button-downs, and portraying a false representation of who we really are.

I'm don't think I would mind as much if the word "Catholic" was not attached to this, because it feels like a mockery of my religious beliefs, as well. And that is definitely not something I will stand for.

I think Halloween is fun, and I love dressing up as much as the next person. But why does it have to involve religion? It's just plain disrespectful.

Pick literally any other costume, please. Seriously, anything.

Like, even Mean-Girls-level slutty. Just not this one.

Maybe it was the Britney Spears "Baby One More Time" music video, or maybe it was just the way that it's always been, but in an era when we are fighting every day for the equality and respect of women, it's hard to be taken seriously if your uniform is now the quintessential "sexy" Halloween costume.

My high school focused on the empowerment of women, with our education being held to a high standard and our religion a core part of our existence. I don't appreciate the mockery of all that we stood for, and the undermining of our values because you think it looks cute this season.