Catalytic Converter: Symptoms of Failure
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Catalytic Converter: Symptoms of Failure

The catalytic converters are always exposed to high temperatures.

Catalytic Converter: Symptoms of Failure

There is a high price offered for out-of-service catalytic converters in the secondary market. It is not surprising, because expensive platinum group metals are used in the manufacturing process of this spare part. These elements are present in the converter even after the part fails. One of the best scrap dealers to turn to is Autocatalyst Market — catalytic converter scrap is examined and the high price is paid for it, which is the best when compared to prices offered by the company's competitors. An out-of-operation catalytic converter can be sold in a short time through one of the many company representatives that work throughout the country.

In this article, we will discuss the main causes of breakdowns of catalytic converters, as well as why dealers pay such a high price for failed parts.

Symptoms of failure

The catalytic converters are always exposed to high temperatures. This is due to the location of this assembly. It is installed in the exhaust system after the inlet pipe or immediately after the exhaust manifold.

This design is used to quickly warm up the catalytic converter to the required temperatures. Chemical reactions in it start only when it reaches 300 degrees Celsius and above.

After a while, the converter clogs up, gets mechanical damage, or the catalytic layer melts. The following factors indicate problems with the converter:

  • increased fuel consumption;
  • the engine loses performance and gains speed more slowly;
  • the Check Engine indicator lights up on the dashboard and does not go out when the engine has started;
  • it is hard to start the engine, and sometimes it stalls right after starting.

One of these symptoms may indicate other breakdowns. But the more of these factors occur at the same time, the higher the likelihood of problems with the catalytic converter.

To figure out what exactly is happening, it is recommended to contact a car repair shop and carry out computer diagnostics of the vehicle after the first signs of failure. If the converter's malfunction is confirmed, the vehicle owner has three main ways to solve the problem:

  • removal of the converter with subsequent re-flashing of the ECU;
  • replacement of the catalytic converter with an original spare part or its equivalent;
  • installation of a dummy sensor (flame arrester).

The most expensive option is the replacement. But it is also more rational from an environmental point of view. Exhaust purification will be performed, and the vehicle will be able to pass any technical check.

The same cannot be said about the other two methods. But such options are much cheaper.

Why old catalytic converters are bought

Chemical reactions in the catalytic converters are triggered when the exhaust comes into contact with the materials that cover the honeycomb surface. The following metals are used for the coating:

  • platinum;
  • palladium;
  • rhodium.

These precious metals are much more expensive than gold. Therefore, out-of-operation catalytic converters are collected and sent to special plants with modern equipment that can extract even the smallest particles of precious metals.

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