You Have To Be Honest To Be Good
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You Can't Be A Good Person If You're Not Honest With People

Good people have no reason not to be honest.

You Can't Be A Good Person If You're Not Honest With People

Honesty is a hard quality to come by, and frankly, I don't know why. It's very easy to be honest, especially if you have nothing to hide. That's why when people refuse to be honest, it's hard to see them as a good person.

This idea comes up in relationships and dating. Those who aren't honest cause a lot of level-headed people to freak out. A common theme of dating is to tell someone that you're just not ready for a relationship. Instead of just blurting out that bullshit, overused line, why not just be honest with the person you're talking to? If you're not into them, just say so. I mean, say it nicely but be honest. Don't play the "not ready for a relationship" card just because you're a selfish person that wants to keep this person around for your own benefit. If you really just want to be FWB, be honest and tell them.

On the other hand, if you're talking to someone and you decide you don't want to pursue anything anymore, just tell them instead of leading them on. I promise it will save you both time and unnecessary headaches. No one wants to sit around and try to figure out what you're up to. Just be upfront.

The same goes for relationships. Instead of going out and cheating on your partner, perhaps be honest with them about how you're feeling. Communicate. It won't be easy, but you'll be honest.

To go through life constantly lying to get your way seems awfully exhausting. If you find that you need to constantly lie and hide the truth to others, perhaps that's a sign you're not being a very good person. Good people have no reason not to be honest.

You can't spend your time lying to those around you and expect to be called a good person because you're not flat-out being mean to anyone. It doesn't work like that. Being a good person actually takes work and a commitment to not being a jack ass. I'm tired of people claiming to be good just because they haven't set out to hurt anyone. Newsflash; only thinking about yourself in a situation means that you don't care how other's are affected, which makes you a bad person. If you lie to protect yourself but allow others to get hurt in the process, you're not a good person, you're the worst kind.

So before you get yourself caught in a bad situation, just try to not be a massive douche for a second and be honest.

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