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24 Types Of Men You're Doomed To Meet On Tinder, Swipe Left, ASAP

You've swiped right, now get ready for a ride.


For those who don't know anything about dating apps because they're happily single or happily taken, Tinder is described as the "dawn of the dating apocalypse"—it's an app where you swipe right or left to decide who you want to talk to based on looks and bio.

Sometimes you get lucky and have normal conversations, make friends, and end up having a good time on a few dates. Most of the time, however, you're stuck with creeps or weirdos, or even worse, lame conversations that waste your time. If you have ever matched with males on Tinder, you have definitely seen some of these types and had similar conversations.

1. The straightforward type

This one wastes no time with conversation - he knows what he wants and likes to keep it short and simple.

2. The dry one

Some people have no greeting, no creativity, and zero effort. These dry conversations also involve a simple "what's up" and a "nothing much" after which you two never speak again.

3. The basic pickup liner

He might make you smile a bit with a simple and cute pickup line, but you also know he just got it off the Internet.

4. The specific pickup liner

He tries a little harder with the pickup lines than the basic pickup liner by involving something he saw on your profile such as your name (I use Lana, hence the line above), bio, or pics.

5. The creative one

He tries to actually get to know you and doesn't sound boring.

6. The complimenter

These are always nice to receive, especially if they're sweet and harmless.

7. The basic one

Almost always involves a "hey" with some sort of an emoji. It's not a wrong way to start a conversation, but there are better ways.

8. The punny guy

Puns are awesome. Let's have more of them.

9. Annoying AF

If you're a quadruple texter on Tinder, you're annoying. If you don't get hints and try to keep the conversation going, you're annoying. If you tell me about your whole life story in one paragraph, you're annoying.

10. The emoji king

Are you a child? One should know the limit when it comes to using emojis. Also annoying.

11. Thinks he's the shit

He thinks he's better than you and that he can totally score with you. Nope, not with that attitude.

12. The Instagram ad

Stop advertising your social media. Let me at least get to know you first.

13. The name caller

Nope, not your baby girl, mami, honey, baby doll, baby, love, or anything in between.

14. The date maker

First of all, hello. Second of all, I need to feel your vibe before I consider going out with you.

15. The nudes begger

Aren't there other websites for this?

16. The GIFer

He is the Giver and you are the Receiver, but in this case what's passed along is a beautiful GIF, not memories. Sometimes you two don't say a single word to each other, just send moving clips.

17. The wedding planner

Too soon dude, too soon.

18. The one that's always "chilling"

Falls under the basic and the dry categories. Are you chilling on a rooftop, on the couch, watching TV, scrolling through IG? Give me something to work with here.

19. The uneducated one

If you've had any sort of education, you should know the difference between "you're" and "your," and "there," "their," and "they're." How many times can we go over this? Please.

20. The humorist

Roasts are always funny, also creative.

21. The sugar daddy

You wonder if he's a serial killer or an actual sugar daddy. Gotta pay for tuition somehow, right?

22. The traveler

So you're only in town for a week or so and you want to "get to know me." Mhm, I know where this one's going. Enjoy your stay and have a safe flight back.

23. The writer

Blah blah blah. Thanks for your time and attention... too much attention.

24. The silent one

When you finally get the courage to message someone first but they ignore you. Probably because you fell into your own basic category.

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