BuffBunny Is Not Only The Athletic Wear You Need, But The Athletic Wear You Deserve
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BuffBunny Is Not Only The Athletic Wear You Need, But The Athletic Wear You Deserve

Heading to review my cart in 3...2...1...

BuffBunny Is Not Only The Athletic Wear You Need, But The Athletic Wear You Deserve
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Hello, beautiful people! Whether you are several years or a few days into your fitness journey, this is the article and workout brand for you! That's right, I'm talking about *drumroll please* BUFFBUNNY!

BuffBunny Collection is a workout brand created by Heidi Somers to empower women! She has created everything from sports bras and crop tops to leggings and joggers and I am so thrilled she let me be a little part of this athletic wear by getting to write an article about the pieces she sent me in the mail!

First thing's first, we love a good presentation. You can tell this company is detail oriented simply by the nice packaging and hand-written letter I received upon delivery. I also got the cutest little collapsible funnel to use for greens, collagen, and/or protein powder when you're drinking out of a narrow-mouthed bottle! Genius!

The Bra

The bra they sent me is called the "Caged Up Bra," and it is CUTE! I feel kinda spicy in it, not gonna lie. It's 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex, and has removable pads. My bra size is a 34C and I am wearing a small. When I worked out in this bra at the gym, I had all the compression I needed. Even though the top is strappy, it doesn't compromise the bra's ability to hold you in. The straps aren't too loose and don't dig into my skin at all. It's super comfy and I didn't have to adjust it at all while lifting. This bra is a solid 10/10 from me!

Link to purchase this bra HERE

Size Small in Caged Up Bra // Bra size is 34C

The Leggings

The leggings they sent me are called the "Rosa Leggings," named after Rosa Parks for not being afraid to stand up for what is right. Oh. My. Goodness. These leggings are SO soft, straight up butter, squat proof, and definitely comparable to lulu aligns. These leggings are 74% Nylon and 26% Spandex. I am 5'5, about 150 pounds and I got a size small. I definitely could've done a size extra small because they are just soooo stretchy and I love compression, they even recommending sizing down on their website. The inseam is 29 inches, so even if you are tall, these bad boys are going to give you full coverage.

Size Small in Rosa Leggings

One of my favorite things about these leggings is the glute accentuation on the back side. The slight V in the seam flatters your butt SO well, and just really adds a nice feminine touch. I am definitely quick to grab my leggings that have this accentuation as opposed to the ones I have that don't.

I loved working out in these leggings, they are so soft and definitely comfy. I'm going to give the size small pair I got an 8/10, just because I had to pull them up a few times while working out. If I had gotten an extra small, a solid 9/10 would be my rating. The only reason I wouldn't give these particular leggings a 10/10 from me is that I love super thick and spandex-y leggings, and these are a little bit thinner than a pair of leggings that are majorly spandex. This is just my personal preference, and I still love these leggings!

Link to purchase these leggings HERE

If you're looking to spice up your athletic wardrobe without breaking the budget, BuffBunny is the perfect brand to add to your closet! Not only does this brand produce high-quality clothing, but this brand is run by strong women, and who doesn't love that? I would highly recommend BuffBunny, especially the bra I got, I'm seriously in love with it! Hop onto their website and #TreatYoSelf!

Website // Instagram

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