The holiday season has finally come to a close and another year is behind us. It cathartic, a lot of people feel the new year will bring a whole new life for them. As cliche as that sounds it really can! But do any of us really know how to capitalize on that optimism? Probably not. We're all trying our hardest and could always use some help!

What to bring into 2019

Only the best memories from 2018, flush the rest out of your mind. Breakups, losing friends, bad grades, literally anything that was trivial and hurt you can stay in 2018. Bring the memories of good times, a good significant other, and great friends. If you have any pictures maybe print them out and put them somewhere in your room to remind you how good 2018 was to you.

If you are close with your family don't let that go. In 2019 get closer to them, you can't find a better support system than ones who are forced to be.

If you aren't close with your family, make sure all your friends are the best. We won't tolerate flaky friends or people who don't care about you.

What to leave in 2018

Literally, anything that doesn't make you happy. If you have been looking for a sign to ditch some habits or people this is it. If it isn't making you a better person thank you next that shit and move on. 2019 "you" deserves it.

Leave behind any bad thoughts. There are a ton of ways to do that! Write down all the bad feelings in a journal, or maybe a burn book. Then just burn it or throw it away! That's my personal favorite. You could also just think through everything one last time and come to the realization that everything bad made you stronger.

No matter how you ended 2018 or started 2019 keep in mind you have plenty of time to be your best self. Make time work in your favor use it to your advantage.

Have a great 2019.