How To Think Positively In 2019
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New Year

How To Think Positively As You Ring In 2019

Don't make resolutions that you can't keep!

How To Think Positively As You Ring In 2019

As December is coming to a close, it is that time of year where everyone is posting "New Year, New Me!" And as great as it would be to be a new person, it is impossible to change overnight. Why can't it be "New Year, Better Me"? Why must people feel this constant need to want to change themselves completely rather than becoming the better versions of themselves? According to US News, 80% of New Year's Resolutions fail by February. People just give up because they realize they cannot become the newer, shinier version they hoped to be, and they just end up the same person they were on December 31st.

New Year's Resolutions most likely fail because people can't change easily. Yes, this seems like a horrible statement, but no one can just drastically change without real effort. You can't lose one hundred pounds in one night, it takes time and perseverance. I have never done New Year's Resolutions. When I want to do better, I start as soon as I can. I don't have to wait for a specific date. And that's another reason why people fail at the whole resolution thing. Just because someone starts his dieting or stops cursing on January 1st doesn't mean it's going to be successful.

There is so much more to just changing one's self. People are clearly motivated by something that made them want to create New Year's Resolutions, people must really hate being overweight or hate having a low GPA. They are clearly moved by something that makes them want to become a better person, but people need to learn to accept themselves first. Then, they will be ready for the change, the loss in weight or an increase in GPA. Should we all accept our flaws and learn from them to be a better person just fantasize about being a different person? Our faults can help make us driven and determined, but should not the driving force or the fuel for self-hate. It took me a while to even fathom that idea, but the older I get the more I understand that before I get better, I need to accept the problem and make a plan to remedy it.

When it comes to viewing myself, I don't try to become a new me. I am rather fond of the person I am, and even more fond of the person I am becoming. I know I am not perfect, but why would I want to drastically change myself? It is like looking in the mirror. The mirror is the cold truth. You just have to look at it, accept it, and become the better you.

So as 2019 quickly approaches, instead of making ridiculous and unrealistic New Year's Resolutions that can and probably will be broken, try accepting yourself before you find ways to improve yourself.

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