How You Can Change Your Life In 2019

How You Can Change Your Life In 2019

Everyone tries to make New Year's resolutions, but a lot of the time we don't think about why we're making them or what the end result will be.


Everyone wants to do something great in 2019 — get married, lose weight, get a new job, graduate from college, etc. And a lot of times these resolutions start great and then fail. Why?

We lose motivation. We realize it's harder than we thought, or we just lost interest.

New Year's resolutions should be an excuse for you to reflect on 2018. What was good about 2018? What wasn't so good? What do you have the power to change, and what do you want to focus on for 2019? New Year's resolutions should be a form of self-improvement. They should give us the opportunity to make personal changes for growth in 2019.

My first resolution that I'm sure I share with a lot of other people is to be more healthy. I have committed to going to the gym at least five times a week for 30 minutes, eating more fruit and veggies and cutting out sugar/junk food. I want to better myself, and going to the gym helps me immensely both mentally and physically. I realized that I want to get back into the gym and feeling better about myself.

My second goal for 2019 is to learn how to say no to people. I need a better balance between school and free time, and as I reflected on fall semester I came to the conclusion that I try to be too involved and therefore am not really involved in anything. Therefore, I will be dropping a few student organizations and focusing on the ones that help me to succeed or that I personally enjoy.

Additionally, I want to step out of my comfort zone and be more social in 2019. Normally, I'm not extremely outgoing, and it takes me a while to warm up to new people, but I want to get out of this mindset and go out of my way to talk to people and learn more about others. Along with this, I want to go out of my way to do nice things for other people, as I can get very wrapped up in my own personal problems and not pay attention to the needs of others.

My last resolution is to sleep more. I am always exhausted, and resting is good. It doesn't mean that I should be finding more things to do with my time. Instead, it means that I should take those breaks and take care of my body more. I want to focus on taking care of myself more in 2019 and putting myself at the top of my priority list instead of always running around doing things for classes or going to 5-6 meetings a week.

What are some of your resolutions, and how can you implement them in 2019 so that you'll actually stick to them?

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40 Small Things That Make College Students Happy

It doesn't take much...

1. When class is canceled.

2. When the coffee shop you stop at five minutes before your 8 a.m. has a short line.

3. Coffee, coffee, coffee.

4. Open note tests.

5. Or even better, take home tests.

6. The unofficial assigned seating process that that takes place after the first week or so of classes.

7. Thursday nights. (because in college, Thursday qualifies as the weekend.)

8. Sales.

9. Or once again, even better, free things.

10. Specifically free food.

11. Dogs.

12. Dogs on campus.

13. Tailgates and Saturday afternoon football games.

14. Finding an already completed Quizlet for your exam.

15. Having an extra 30 minutes for a nap, and if you're lucky, an hour.

16. Netflix.

17. When your roommate takes out the trash.

18. Weekends after test weeks.

19. The rare blessing of a curve on an exam.

20. Getting out of class early.

21. How in college, it is socially expectable to wear a t-shirt everyday.

22. Being able to walk from class to class or eat in the dining hall without having to see anyone you know. (and thank goodness too because you probably don't look too good.)

23. Crossing things off of your to-do list.

24. Your best-friends that you make in college.

25. A full tank of gas.

26. Seeing a new face everyday.

27. Crawling back into bed after your 8 or 9 a.m. (or after any class that ends with a.m.)

28. Care packages.

29. No cover charges.

30. When adults tell you that it is okay that you have no idea what you want to do with your life yet. (regardless of what parents or your advisor may say.)

31. Pizza.

32. Finding out you weren't the only one who did poorly on the exam.

33. Deciding not to buy the textbook, and never needing it.

34. Finding the perfect gif to express how you're feeling. (Michael Scott just get it.)

35. Weekends at home because...

36. Pets.

37. Mom's home cooked pie and Dad's steak dinners,

38. Spring Break.

39. Road trips.

40. When it finally starts to cool down outside so you can show up to class dry instead of dripping in sweat.

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This Year, I Will Stop Worrying About Situations That Have Not Happened

Worrying about every negative outcome is a dreadful way of protecting yourself.


I remember crying in the airport, ridiculously anxious and scared of a horrible situation that had not even happened, for one instance. I typically make myself sick over the fear of a bad outcome in the future, but this toxic way of thinking is no way to live a healthy life.

In short, it is anxiety, but instead of just classifying it as anxiety, I have found that most of the times I am upset or worried is when I am depicting a horrible outcome in my head of what life could spin in to. It is my way of protecting myself, thinking of every upsetting scenario and going through the ways of how I will handle it in my head prior to it happening. It can sound somewhat logical, but my mind got carried away with it.

It didn't end up being a thought-out method with plans of reaction for negative outcomes, I would end up worrying about things so bizarre and so unlikely to happen and it would completely consume me. It robbed me of happiness. Worrying about unreal and unlikely situations sent me into spirals of crying and anxiety, and not for any real or plausible reason. I would spend the whole day staring at the wall, unable to speak to anyone because my worry was so consuming, or finally meet my breaking point and just erupt in tears and have to explain to the people around me that I am basically crying for no reason.

There is too much life to live to live every day by the lingering thought of "What if something bad happens?" I have too many good days ahead of me to be spent worrying, and a handful of bad ones that should not be made worse by worry or fear. Life is good, and it is almost frightening because it has been very good for a while, perhaps this is why my mind wants to prepare for the worst, as the daunting thought of things being "too good" comes into play.

Even when bad days come, and they will, I will handle them. I have noticed that when life is so hard, I get through it, and I look back thinking "Damn. How did I ever get through that?" I take pride in the fact that when bad days, situations, and periods of life do occur, I always, always handle them. But, in the meantime, I would like to savor my good days instead of worrying about not-yet-existent bad days.

So, this is a big step for me, but I am going to try and do this. I know it will bring peace to me, and a lot of people who surround me. This year, I will stop worrying about situations that have not happened.

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