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How To Make Ur Own Ari-Inspired Burn Book

We all know Regina is the burn book queen, but here's how to make a burn book to match Ariana Grande's.

How To Make Ur Own Ari-Inspired Burn Book

If you didn't figure it out by now, "thank u, next" is taking the charts by storm. At writing, the video is currently up to 125 million views and is not stopping anytime soon. In the video, Ari captures all of our little girlhood dreams by channeling Regina George, Elle Woods, the girls from "Bring It On" and even Jenna Rink.

I wish I could lie and say that this video didn't make me super jealous but honestly, it did.

Now you can't recreate your life and become one of these movie characters, I personally would've already done it, but you can pick and chose things to create! By making your own burn book you can be transported into a plastics themed world, and get a lot off your chest!

I started my burn book journey in Walmart, where all the fangirls live. They have so many affordable things in the arts and crafts section, and they're open after midnight which is when my creativity peaks. I started by grabbing a drawing book with a black cover, that had a hardback. Then, of course, I had to get all of my pinks in order, by that I mean hella glitter. I got two containers of pink and that was totally unnecessary, a little glitter goes a long way. ACCESSORIZE. This was the most fun, I went around and got cute letters and flowers to make my burn book prettier than Ari, if that's even possible.

The inside is totally up to you! Want to go off on one of your exes or maybe even write about old friends? Treat it like a little diary, but let all your real emotions out! This was the most cathartic part for me, it was nice to write what I really thought. Of course, don't let your emotions consume you and hurt you anymore.

You can even write nice stuff! Are you in love, write it. Want to praise your best friend, do it! Happy thoughts are the best thoughts! Let's be honest Ari would want you to write nice stuff too. She seems like someone who would write only nice things. She seems great.

Have fun burning what you need to burn.

Thank you, for reading, next.

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