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My Standards for Guys Are So High That I Have An 11 Point BF Checklist

There's nothing wrong with setting the bar high, ladies.

My Standards for Guys Are So High That I Have An 11 Point BF Checklist

Growing up, I was always surrounded by amazing men in my life that always set the best examples -- my dad, my uncles, my Pap, and my older cousins. No matter what, they not only treated their wives or significant others with respect but everyone they met in life. These men have set the bar high for my BF expectations over the years. While I sometimes haven't chosen guys that have met these qualifications (*cue "Everybody Makes Mistakes" by Hannah Montana*), I still seek to find these characteristics in my future life-long partner.

1. Respectful


This one is a given: if you don't respect me, my values, and the way I live my life then GTFO! I should feel like my best self around my significant other, not like I'm at rock bottom. It's as simple as this: respect me and I'll respect you.

2. Kind and considerate of others


This seems like a given as well. I don't want a guy that's self-centered, rude, and just an awful person. I promise if you're nice to your family, your friends, strangers, servers, etc. then chances are I'll fall even harder for you. Kindness is key!

3. Ambitious and hardworking


I have set goals for my life, and it just so happens that you've crossed into that path. I need a guy that's ambitious and strives to reach his own goals, and doesn't do things the easy way. If it comes down to it, I know that you'll be dedicated to our relationship just like your life aspirations!

4. Studious


If you know me well, you know how important my academics are to me. I love learning and strive to do the best I can in all my classes. A guy that feels the same way, and puts his school work as a priority, is a guy for me!

5. Sensitive


Men are constantly ridiculed and forced by society to hide their emotions so they don't look weak or diffuse their masculinity. Well, I say that this stereotype is trash. If a guy opens up to me about his true feelings about life, fears, love, worries, etc. then he's already a great one in my book. Honestly, guys, it's okay to cry or get emotional sometimes. It makes you human.

6. Stubborn (to an extent)


Being stubborn (to an extent), is an extremely attractive quality to me. I want someone that will challenge some of my opinions instead of agreeing to simple make me happy. If I'm wrong, teach me why I'm wrong. Being too stubborn is another problem within itself, to where there's fighting and arguments constantly. However, a little bickering or discussion here and there is healthy!

7. Loving


Another given, but still important. I don't want to feel isolated and still single if I'm with someone. It doesn't take much to make me feel like the happiest girl in the world. Regardless, a sweet text, some snacks, or just quality time with someone definitely makes me feel loved and cherished.

8. Loyal and honest


Loyalty is the most important characteristic a guy should have on my list. There shouldn't be any secrets or doubt between a couple. Along with that, honesty is also important. Tell me how it is, don't sugar coat stuff to make me feel better. Being brutally honest is better than fibbing in the long run!

9. Family Oriented


Family is so important to me, so it should be the same for any guy I'm with. I don't discriminate any family situation, but the people that raised you should be in the top three of your life. As my dad always told me: "God first, family second, yourself third." I live by that to this day, and hope to come across a BF who does the same.

10. Attractive


This seems a little odd in the midst of amazing personality traits, and with society saying, "Looks shouldn't be everything", however, looks definitely have to play a role. Obviously, I'm not looking for a picture-perfect, Ryan Reynolds guy (that'd be the dream though!). I want a guy that's decently attractive to my type, and the personality traits add to the whole package!

11. Fun!!


Despite all seriousness, I want a partner that knows how to enjoy life and truly have fun. Whether it's binge watching a TV show we both love, going on a hike, or just having a fun lunch together, the little moments matter. Personally, I'm a memory hoarder, so I love to hold onto little quips of life where I'm being the best version of myself with someone important to me!

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