Bowl Mania Predictions
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Bowl Mania Predictions

How will your favorite college team stack up?

Bowl Mania Predictions
Seattle Times

All of the bowl game predictions listed below from the blow outs by Tulsa and Middle Tennessee, to the smallest margins of victory like Appalachian State and NC State, the College Football Playoff, and every game in between.

Saturday, December 17

Air Force Reserve Celebration: Grambling State 31 North Carolina Central 27

Gildan: New Mexico 41 UTSA 30

Las Vegas: San Diego State 35 Houston 31

Raycom Media Camellia: Appalachian State 28 Toledo 27

AutoNation Cure: UCF 35 Arkansas State 27

R+L Carriers New Orleans: Southern Miss 35 UL Lafayette 24

Monday, December 19

Miami Beach: Tulsa 41 Central Michigan 20

Tuesday, December 20

Boca Raton: Memphis 45 Western Kentucky 42

Wednesday, December 21

San Diego County CU Poinsettia: Wyoming 38 BYU 31

Thursday, December 22

Famous Idaho Potato: Colorado State 35 Idaho 21

Friday, December 23

Popeyes Bahamas: Old Dominion 38 Eastern Michigan 28

Lockheed Martin Armed Forces: Louisiana Tech 45 Navy 41

Dollar General: Troy 27 Ohio 21

Saturday, December 24

Hawai'i: Middle Tennessee 49 Hawaii 27

Monday, December 26

St. Petersburg: Mississippi State 35 Miami (OH) 17

Quick Lane: Maryland 24 Boston College 20

Camping World Independence: NC State 21 Vanderbilt 20

Tuesday, December 27

Zaxby's Heart of Dallas: Army 31 North Texas 20

Military: Temple 34 Wake Forest 17

National Funding Holiday: Washington State 41 Minnesota 28

Motel 6 Cactus: Boise State 35 Baylor 24

Wednesday, December 28

New Era Pinstripe: Pittsburgh 42 Northwestern 31

Russell Athletic: Miami (FL) 30 West Virginia 27

Foster Farms: Utah 35 Indiana 17

AdvoCare V100 Texas: Texas A&M 30 Kansas State 27

Thursday, December 29

Birmingham: USF 45 South Carolina 24

Belk: Virginia Tech 41 Arkansas 24

Valero Alamo: Colorado 31 Oklahoma State 28

Friday, December 30

AutoZone Liberty: TCU 28 Georgia 24

Hyundai Sun: North Carolina 38 Stanford 31

Franklin Amer. Mort. Music City: Tennessee 38 Nebraska 27

NOVA Home Loans Arizona: Air Force 41 South Alabama 17

Capital One Orange: Michigan 27 Florida State 17

Saturday, December 31

Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus: Louisville 45 LSU 31

TaxSlayer: Georgia Tech 31 Kentucky 28

Monday, January 2

Outback: Iowa 24 Florida 21

Goodyear Cotton: Wisconsin 35 Western Michigan 24

Rose Bowl Game: Penn State 30 USC 28

Allstate Sugar: Oklahoma 45 Auburn 35

College Football Playoff

Chick-fil-A Peach: Alabama 31 Washington 20

PlayStation Fiesta: Ohio State 42 Clemson 38

National Championship

National Championship: Ohio State 45 Alabama 42

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