Is It Me Or Did This Look Like A Flying Penis In The Sky?
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Is It Me Or Did This Look Like A Flying Penis In The Sky?

Once I heard the details of how this flight was going to happen it sounded like a ride in Disney's Tomorrowland.

Is It Me Or Did This Look Like A Flying Penis In The Sky?

Did you watch either of the launches this week? I missed Richard Branson's flight, but I did see Jeff Bezos' and I have to say personally it was fifteen minutes of my time that I want back from Amazon. Once I heard the details of how this flight was going to happen it sounded like a ride in Disney's Tomorrowland.

Let's get serious, these two men have no intention of finding the wonders of the universe for the good of Earth. Their personal and professional goal is to find a way to get money from the rich and privileged. Might be the only time in my life that I am glad I don't have that kind of disposable cash. Not that I want to take a fifteen minute ride on a rocket that might kill me. At least when Elon Musk sent out his spacecraft he did it with flair and some rock and roll.

So how soon do you think Mr. Bezos will be selling items from this and other flights into orbit? Will we see these items for sale on Amazon for a hefty price, as well as shipping and handling? Can Mr. Branson and he make a lot of money off of this? I would say they have already forecasted a windfall from it. Imagine the clothing line, jewelry, water bottles, hell they might even sell canisters of the air from outer space. I can remember as a young girl the "moon rock" gimmick that swept this country after the real astronauts touched down on the moon.

Too many people want to be astronauts. Not that I believe anyone should consider themselves an astronaut because they spend a few minutes outside the Earth's gravitational pull. That is like someone saying they are a boxer because they bought a pair of boxing gloves from Amazon. Or for that matter a boat captain because they sat behind the helm of a boat while out on the water.

An astronaut is a person that has a high level of education and training to pilot and navigate a aircraft that carries enough fuel to burn a small town. While the world watched these four people play astronaut for a split second in time hundreds of men and women who spent their entire lives to participate in the wonders of outer space were made less important in the world and in space.

I've lived in Central Florida since 1989, I watched many spacecraft cross the skies above me. I've seen early morning takeoffs, mid-afternoon takeoffs, and a few night takeoffs. All in spectacular views of the sky welcoming our adventure all in the name of science and research. Doing a job of finding life forms and experiments on the medical and physical lives we hold dear.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever see an amusement park ride take place in outer space. Yet, here we are live and without hesitation, letting men that are not looking for the greater good but the greater profit selling seats and leaving our integrity behind.

In a final note, I have to express the image of that rocket that left Texas this morning. Too me it looked a bit masculine in nature and I am wondering what that intentional?

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