10 Toys That Only '90s Kids Will Remember
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10 Toys That Only '90s Kids Will Remember

Prepare for the nostalgia to flow over you.

10 Toys That Only '90s Kids Will Remember

Being a '90s baby, certain toys bring back the best memories from your childhood. Here are ten toys that are near and dear to us '90s babies.

1. Stomp Rocket

Oh, how that purple rubbery launch pad and that blue air cord bring back so many memories. Feet were just the beginning of ways to launch those rockets in the air. Backs, Knees, Elbows, and possibly even your head was used to launch those foam headed rockets as high as you could into the air, only to get a majority of them stuck on top of the roof or in a tree.

2. Furbys

For some reason these things were popular. When I look at them now they just look like a creepy version of an owl mixed with a hamster. Furbys were the first attempt at a domestically-aimed robot. They started out with speaking only furbish, and as they aged they began to talk English words. I can't lie, I did have one of these, but never again will I want one.

3. Heelys

These things were the things to have back in the day. You were out of style if you walked, if you were up to date on trends, you "heelied." Yes, they may have looked like you were wearing high heels but nobody cared because the people that judged were the ones you usually cruised by with ease.

4. Silly Putty.

Silly Putty was something you always just had sitting around the house in random places. You would be cleaning your room and spot the hard to miss colored egg, open it up and clear your schedule for the rest of the day to play with it. I remember my mind was blown when I found out you could put it on a newspaper and it would copy the ink onto the Silly Putty.

5. Razor Scooter

Razor Scooters were another must have toy back in the day. Like I said with the Heelys, if you were walking, you were doing it wrong. Scooters were a popular trend, but Razor scooters were the ones to have. If you had the ones with the light up wheels then you were a real Razor Scooter king/queen. Tail whips were a sign of mastery. However, your shins and ankles were never a fan of the Razor Scooter.

6. Rubber Poppers

Rubber Poppers were something that you always got from the dentist or doctors office, or if you had a quarter you would buy one of these at a bowling alley toy vending machine. These things were a ticking pain bomb. 90 percent of the time they would pop in your hand and sting your palm, but when you did get it to work, for some reason, the fact that it flew six feet in the air was enough satisfaction to take away the previous painful trials.

7. Crazy Bones

Crazy Bones were a hidden gem. These things had no point to them, if they did I never really learned how to play the game. My brother and I would just sit across from each other and line them up and throw one across and try to knock as many of the others over.

8. Tech Decks

Tech Decks are still popular to this day, but back in the '90s when they first came out, they took the world by storm. Anything was fair game to skate with on a tech deck and you didn't have to know how to skateboard in order to use one which is why they were so popular. Any flick of the finger and the board would do spins and tricks you never could even name, but if you landed it, it was the best feeling.

9. Easy Bake Oven

This was one of my dream toys to get, I never did and looking back at it now I realize how pointless they are. Back when I was a kid though, these things meant I could make almost any type of dessert I wanted! What kid doesn't want dessert?

10. Pogs

Pogs may be a toy that not everyone knows about. Pogs were little circular cardboard pieces that actually got their name from a juice. POG stands for passion fruit, orange and guava. Hawaii people would save the tops of the juice and play the game with them. To be honest I never understood the game of Pog I just collected them.

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