The LGBT community has been growing a lot over the past years and has even added in a few more letters in recent years. However, a few things have stayed consistent in those years and that includes many people feeling as though being bisexual is wrong. Why is that? People have voiced many concerns on social media and though I have never been directly affected by these concerns and stereotypes, I have seen them before on social media and if I was still in the dating scene, I'm sure I would have come across someone with these feelings at some point in time.

Some stereotypical categories that people put bisexuals into include not being able to make up their mind, being greedy because they like both men and women, and being more likely to cheat because they will get bored of being with their significant other if they are in a relationship too long.

First of all, so what if people can't make up their minds? People cannot make so many more simple decisions on a daily basis, so why does it matter if you feel that being bisexual means that someone cannot make up their mind? I bet you couldn't decide what to have for breakfast or what lipstick to wear, so does it matter if you think someone can't decide who to have sex with?

So why are these stereotypes harmful? Well, first, any type of stereotype is extremely dangerous and can be harmful to whatever group they are being focused on. But when people read these stereotypes and believe them, it may make someone less likely to date a bisexual based on what they have seen on social media or what their friends are saying.

Someone's sexual orientation does not make them more likely to cheat nor does liking more than one gender make a person greedy. People are allowed to like whatever gender they like and as many genders as they like, and really, unless someone tells you their sexual orientation or is OK with sharing their sexuality with you, no one should be judging them based on anything.

So overall it makes sense that you shouldn't judge people based on something like sexual orientation. It is 2018 and we still have to write articles about this because it is still something that happens very frequently and needs to end.

These stereotypes can damage relationships and can also damage people who feel like they identify as bisexual but do not have a good support system. If they see these stereotypes on social media then they may feel that they should not identify as bisexual because that is not who they are or because they think that they'll turn into that kind of person if they start identifying as bisexual.

So here's what we start doing. Judge people based on character. If someone cannot make a decision about something simple, then that would mean that they are more likely to not be able to make up their mind. If someone has cheated in the past then they are more likely to cheat in the future. Judge people based on social interaction and not on some internet stereotypes.