Beyonce Is Slaying Everyone With "Formation"
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Politics and Activism

Beyonce Is Slaying Everyone With "Formation"

Beyonce is snatching wigs and taking names.

Beyonce Is Slaying Everyone With "Formation"

I never thought I'd write an article about Beyonce yet here I am; basking in the greatness that is the pro-black "Formation" song/video. Both the song and the video are iconic and addressed prominent social issues like the lack of help given to black communities during and after the Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the countless numbers of police brutality cases affecting African-Americans around the United States. Not only did Beyonce address these issues but she snatched a few wigs in regards to what the media and the general public have had to say about her family. The song is iconic from start to finish here's a few of the most iconic lyrics and moments from the video and super bowl performance.

1. I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros

It's no secret that some people on the internet have made fun of Blue Ivy's hair ever since the paparazzi started taking pictures of her. Beyonce just shut all of that down, this is her child with natural hair and you won't dictate the way she styles her hair or make fun of her natural curls.

2. I like my negro nose with Jackson 5 nostrils

Bruh, the black body positivity in this line is astounding. People have made fun of Beyonce's husband for a long time about his facial features and have accused Bey of getting a nose job but she's hear to tell you "Nah, I like my natural features."

3. My daddy Alabama, momma Louisiana. Mix that negro with that creole make a Texas bama

Honestly I don't know where she was going with this one but I'm pretty sure it's, "my melanin pops severely." But this line definitely make has me like this every time I listen to the song

4. What happened to New Orleans?

Beyonce's new song takes no time getting to the point of asking hard hitting questions. The video shows a flooded New Orleans with this line suggesting that we should be questioning why little help was provided to the city of New Orleans during the hurricane that severely damaged the city in 2005.

5. I dream it, I work hard. I grind 'til I own it.

Black excellence now, black excellence tomorrow, black excellence forever.

6. The kid dancing in front of a militarized police force

#BlackLivesMatter. Beyonce addressed many social injustices in this video from the militarization of police forces through the 1033 program to police brutality in black communities.

7. Beyonce channeling her inner supreme


8. Beyonce's back up dancers for "Formation" were dressed like black panthers at the Super Bowl.

This is high-key amazing. It's the Black Panthers 50th anniversary of founding this year and Beyonce paid homage to the group during her performance.

Check out the video for "Formation" below.

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