These Are The 7 Best Things About Winter
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Student Life

As A College Student, These Are The 7 Best Things About Winter Break

From Christmas gatherings to mini-vacays, Winter Break truly is the most wonderful time of the year.


For some reason, Fall semester seems to be the most grueling and drawn out time of the year for college students. While I am not sure why this is the case, I know that it makes Christmas break all the more wonderful. Besides the obvious fact that we don't have classes, there is so much for college students' to enjoy about Christmas break.

1. Home-cooked meals

Even if you live in an apartment, most college students do not have or take the time to cook hot meals regularly. Even for those few golden warriors who do cook a real dinner every night, there isn't anything like the food you get at home. When I go home for Christmas, I am going to relish every opportunity I have to eat whatever my parents cook. (And hopefully they will cook a few of my favorites--shout out to you mom and dad)!!

2. Family Time 

The further you get in your college career, the less time you have to go home. Although I hate missing birthday parties, cook-outs, and just seeing my family in general, sometimes the amount of schoolwork I have to do just doesn't allow it.

I can't wait to see all of my family who I've gone months without seeing!! Although I may not be able to see them all over the course of my break, I will be grateful for any time I have with them.

3. Doing nothing

During the school semester, I literally always have something to do. Over the break, I am going to rest in the moments where I have nothing going on.

Simply having a moment where you don't have papers and tests and projects running through your head is a blessing.

4. My pups

The bond I have with my dogs is something special. Although I have been home on the occasional "not as busy" weekend, I usually still have schoolwork to do while I am there.

Even if it's so cold I have to bundle up with several layers, I am gonna play outside and go on walks with my two dogs. Spending time with animals is so great because they love unconditionally, greet you everytime you come home like its been ages, and have such a calming presence.

5. Catching up on your hobbies

Confession: I am a grandma. I love to crochet. It is a technique I used to help with my anxiety, but now it has turned into something I truly enjoy.

However, I never have a moment during the school semester when my hands aren't busy typing on a keyboard, flipping through a book, or writing notes.

Maybe you love baking, playing a sport, or creating art of some kind. Whatever you enjoy, be sure you make time for it during your time off from school.

6. Trips...or mini trips

Although you may not have time (or money if we're being real honest..) to go on the extravagant cruise you've been dreaming of, Christmas break allows for just enough time to take a short trip out of town.

Go explore a national park, check out a small town for local favorites, take a girls (or guys) trip to Nashville, or maybe find a cheap flight to the mountains or the beach. You'll be glad you did and you'll make great memories along the way.

7. Christmas!!!!

Christmas lights and trees. Seeing the wonder and joy that Christmas brings to children. Family gatherings. Christmas music and movies. Drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace while opening gifts. And most important of all, celebrating Jesus's birth.

As a Christian, Christmas is more than just a holiday to me. Christmas is another step in God's master plan to bring salvation to all people. I am thankful for the break and Christmas season if for no other reason than the chance to rejoice in the birth of my Savior, Jesus.

So push through those finals college students. Winter break is almost here!!

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