15 Ways To Have The Best Winter Break Ever
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15 Ways To Have The Best Winter Break Ever

The weather outside is frightful, but this time away from school is quite delightful

15 Ways To Have The Best Winter Break Ever

It's the most wonderful time of the year. You have the next few weeks to recover from the trauma of the fall semester. Congratulations. You made it to winter break. Fill your time away from stress with things to help improve your future. I promise by the end of break you'll be missing your friends and won't be able to contain your excitement to get back to school for spring.

1. Dedicate A WHOLE Day To Netflix.

You just spent the past four months slaving over papers. You stayed up until 3AM studying for that daunting exam, the one where you had no idea what was even going on in your class. You worked so hard to further your education. You earned an entire day dedicated to the Office. Don’t feel bad for taking a day to be lazy, you worked for it.

2. Drive Around In Search Of The Most Spectacular Christmas Lights.

It’s the most magical time of the year, go forth and embrace it. Drive through the neighborhoods that seem to go all out for the holidays. Find the houses with the best winter displays and watch the lights twinkle as you blast your favorite holiday jams. If you can’t hear "All I Want For Christmas Is You" from outside of your car blaring into the frigid air, you’re doing it wrong.

3. Go On An Adventure.

Get your friends together and go explore. Hop on the train and seek out New York City. Find some new coffee shops in places you wouldn't normally go to. Visit your friends who live out of state and embark on everything their cities have to offer. The world is a big place, try to see every bit of it if you can.

4. Spend Time With The Fam.

You spent your fall glued to your college campus. Your parents might be annoying but they missed you. Go out to lunch with your dad, go Christmas shopping with your mom, light the fireplace and pop on Elf with brother, and don't forget the hot chocolate for cousins. You’ve spent the entirety of your life with these people, it's worth it to take a little time out of life to enjoy their company.

5. Have An Ugly Sweater Party With Your Hometown Friends.

Just like your family, your hometown friends have been with you through it all. There is nothing better than running into the arms of your childhood best friends-- and what better way to do it than wearing some overly festive gear. You may not get to see each other as often, but when you do it's like you never left. You grew up with these guys.They are the friends who have always been there for you. Get some gingerbread house kits, grab the eggnog and celebrate the season of giving with the people who have had your back from day one. I promise you the night will be spent laughing and reminiscing on all the crazy adventures you’ve had together.

6. Get Over Your Fears.

Face it, there is something you are afraid of-- we all are. Whether it is an ex-boyfriend or boy who felt like a boyfriend but wasn’t even a boyfriend who broke you, or failing a class or having to give up something you truly love— face your fears. Take winter break to heal and move on. “Why let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game?” It's an old saying but it's true. You need time to feel, and winter break seems like a good time to get over things. Become better and stronger

7. Have A Pamper Day.

It's cliche but hey, it works. You've been stressed, so get your girls together and buy some face masks. Get your nails done and walk out of the hair salon with a freshened look. It feels good to spoil yourself, you deserve it.

8. Give Your Room A Makeover.

As we grow, our interests change. You may have grown out of that patterned comforter, and the One Direction poster hanging behind your door is filled with great memories and all but, they did break up and move into new and better things— so should you. Your room reflects who you are as a person in this wild world we live in. It’s your very own space to do whatever you want with. Pick up the laundry that's been laying on the floor for a little too long and get rid of the things you've grown out of. Express your interests and make your space into that Free People vibe you’ve been loving lately.

9. Apply For Internships or Jobs.

Go forth and build your resume. Your dream job could be just around the corner but it is essential to have experiences in order to reach your goals. Apply to everything and anything that fills your interests. Keep pushing to make your dreams become a reality. What you learn in an internship will take you further than any classroom. Do not take any potential opportunity for granted. Keep swimming, you'll get to where you want to go.

10. Find New Music.

Music is an unbelievable way to express how you feel and what you want to say— especially when you can’t form the words to say it. The world is filled with so much music. Fill your music pallet with as much as you possibly can. Find what speaks to you and dive in. Going through a heartbreak, there's a song for that. Accomplish a goal, there's a song for that. Music is the background noise that fills life as we know it. Songs can explain things in ways no one else can. Discover what makes you happy.

11. Go Ice Skating.

The weather outside might be frightful, but it doesn't mean you can’t have fun with it. Pull your crew together and hit your city's skating center. Whether or not you can skate, it will make for a great time— I promise.

12. Improve Your Skills.

Pick up that guitar you bought but never had the chance to really play. Take your fancy camera out for a spin and play with the settings. Go to your dance studio and mess around till your feet can’t take it anymore. You have the spare time now, use it to do things that make you happy.

13. Fill Your Empty Bank Account.

With all that spare time, it’s a good time to fill your empty pockets. Save up for next semester’s shenanigans, work is rough but it always pays off.

14. Bring In The New Year With Your Favorite People By Your Side.

Let's face it, 2016 may not have been the best year for a lot of us… but that's okay. Get your favorite people together and take on this next year with a bang. It's all what you make of it.

15. Brace yourself for Spring semester

YOU CAN DO IT! Gather up your new planner and gets some new notebooks. “It's time to set sail for adventure, an adventure that begins with"… killing next semester. Walk into the Spring semester with an open mind, you have a world of possibilities, embrace them with everything you have.

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