Best NBA Reporting And Analysis: 9/3-9/8

Best NBA Reporting And Analysis: 9/3-9/8

The 411 on LeBron James, off season moves and much more.

1) How Sam Presti's Diverse Background Has Affected The Building Of The Thunder

Summary: In less than a decade, Presti has built a franchise that regularly pushes boundaries (from Jenni Carlson):

2) Jrue Holiday To Miss Start Of Season As Wife Faces Brain Surgery

Summary: "My family comes before basketball" (from Jeff Duncan):

3) Breaking Down The Bucks' Pick-And-Roll

Summary: Navigating the screen game as a ballhandler without a capable outside shot is increasingly difficult, as defenses can simply sag under the pick and close off any open interior passing lane, forcing an awkward shot or ill-advised pass. Much, if not all, of the Bucks’ focus this offseason has been on improving their perimeter shooting, both through free agency and the draft, which by itself will increase the effectiveness of a four-out one-in pick and roll, and the re-signing of Miles Plumlee also shows a specific dedication to improving a lacking ball-screen attack (from Adam Coffman):

4) What To Expect From The Nets' Offense This Season

Summary: What can we expect? Head Coach Kenny Atkinson has said that his roster will dictate his strategy, but looking at # 2 Assistant Chris Fleming's past indicates the Nets will run a wide open, point guard-dominant offense, but one that will test the physical endurance of the players (from Anthony Puccio) :

5) Coach Malone Paves The Way Forward For The Nuggets

Summary: The NBA lifer coach talks development, handling losses with a young team and much more (from Matt Moore) :

6) Film Study: Isaiah Thomas Without The Ball

Summary: How does Isaiah Thomas remain a top-level scorer when he is not running the offense? (From Jared Weiss) :

7) What Is It Like To Play In The NBA?

Summary: You don't have time to stand around with your jaw on the floor, because right away you're playing with and against NBA all-stars and champions all the time- in practice, in the pre-season and regular season. In the big picture, it's a whirlwind and then it's over. You'll (hopefully) spend more of your life notplaying in the NBA, than you will as an NBA player. They tell guys that at rookie orientation and a bunch of other times throughout their career, but I'm not sure how many guys believe it until they're about ten years retired. Perhaps the best way to describe what it's like to be in the NBA (or was for me, when I was playing) is to go through the calendar (from Jim McIlvaine) :

8) Wide-Open 3s: How Things Look For Each Team

Summary: The most and least reliable outside shooters in '15-16, and how things look for each franchise next season (from Zach Harper):

9) "1-5" LeBron Should Be In Full Effect This Season

Summary: In order for the Cleveland Cavaliers to fully utilize their potential the team has to play LeBron James at point guard and center consistently next season. This strategy worked well for the Golden State Warriors last year and could be key for the Cavaliers championship hopes this season (from Quenton Albertie):

10) Ten Players Looking To Bounce Back

Summary: Every season, there are productive NBA players who just can't get it together. Sometimes injuries hold them back, sometimes their teams don't make the most of their abilities and sometimes off-the-court trouble messes things up. For these 10 players, 2016-17 will be a fresh start and a chance to bounce back from a disappointing year (from James Herbert) :

11) Who Went Where In The Offseason

Summary: As always, this year’s offseason featured some big names changing addresses, others hanging up their sneakers and a few even staying put. The coaching carousel continued to spin over the summer. A few franchises cashed in on multiple first rounders from this past June’s Draft (from Joe Gabriele):

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