The Best Foods To Spice Up Your Sex Life
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The Best Foods To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Getting bored in the bedroom?

The Best Foods To Spice Up Your Sex Life

As food is already such an important aspect of dating, integrating food into your sex life isn't as hard as it may seem. After all, they're both quite comforting and messy activities. For those of you who are interested, but fearful of trying such new things, I promise you it is not as unsafe, scary, and weird as it may seem.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate "classic" foods into your sex life that allow you to stay in your comfort zone. However, for those of you that wish to push out of your comfort zone, there are plenty of "kinky" foods to do exactly that.

Not convinced? Keep reading.

1. ​​Classic: Whip Cream​​

Whipped cream has the perfect consistency to be put on the most sensitive parts of the body. That said, this tasty treat is a great way to integrate into foreplay into your sexy times.

HOW TO USE: Start at the top. Spray some on your partner's neck down to just barely above their genitals. Lick your way down, then proceed to give him/her a blow job or eat them out.

2. Kinky: Doughnuts 

I know what you are thinking. But, hey give it a chance. Obviously, a dick requires a hole...and well...a doughnut has a hole. You see where this is going?

HOW TO USE: Slip that delicious ring-shaped cake on your partner's biggest joy as far as it goes. Next, switch it up between licking the icing and sprinkles off of the doughnut (and possibly taking small bits of it) while licking the tip of his head. For the best taste, make sure you bite off some doughnut when he's ready to come.

3. Classic: Chocolate Syrup

Foodgasms are a real thing! As it requires more tongue action to lick chocolate syrup off your partner, it alone has the ability to make you orgasm. Plus, you can use it to write messages on your partner's body. Use larger areas such as the back or stomach to drizzle any words, nicknames, or pictures you like.

HOW TO USE: Spread some sauce all over his body, and then, get licking! Use your tongue to tease and nip your partner's nipples, navel, and genital area.

4. Kinky: Cheese Fondue 

God, fondue is the best. That's all I got to say.

HOW TO USE: Feed your partner mouthwatering cheese, purposely being clumsy in that it drips off their lip, and possibly onto other parts of his/her body so that you suck, lick, and bite it clean.

5. Classic: Ice Cream

Fun Fact! When you get turned on, your body temperature rises. So, how do you cool it down? Well, I guess you could open a window or something, but that's no fun. Ice cream could do the trick just fine.

HOW TO USE: Take turns dripping freezing ice cream on each other's bodies. Then, eat it off each other. Start at the top of his/her body and continue down until you reach the clitoris. Must I continue?

6. Kinky: Cucumber 

I know what you are probably thinking! But seriously, if done safely, this veggie can easily be used as a dildo. It is amazing how many young people masturbated for the first time with phallic foods.

HOW TO USE: Make sure you wash the cucumber with anti-bacterial soap and warm water before inserting it. Additionally, make sure you ALWAYS put a condom and lube on this salad ingredient. Although there is no risk of STI transmission (as long as you are not using it with multiple partners), its edges are quite rough, making it much harder and painful to use if not used properly.

7. Classic: Honey

I know, I know, it's incredibly sticky. But, sex is messy so why not make it messier? Not only does it make banana and cereal that much tasteful, but it makes sex just exquisite. You won't regret it.

HOW TO USE: Lather your partner's body with it, massaging every part of his/her body. Next, drop a few droplets of honey onto whatever part of the body you are...well...let's just say touching. For best effects, do this standing.

There's a strong connection between food and sensory pleasure. Sex and food are arguably two of the best things in the world, thus combining them would make the experience unforgettable.

BUT REMEMBER: Be careful where you put certain foods as it can be harmful to certain regions of the body.

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