Building Champions For Life: The Benefits Of Private School

I went to the same school my whole life; from the age of 3 to 18, I stayed at the same school. It was a private Christian school that is, more often than not, known for sports. When I tell people where I went to high school, the first thing they assume is that I played a sport and the second is that I am spoiled. People have different opinions and feelings about private schools. I have heard so many people bash on private schools for a number of different things. When some people find out that I went to a private school they immediately start saying things like "wow your parents must be rich" or "I bet you had it easy."

Well, I didn't.

While yes, we did have many ~many~ accomplishments in the sports area, we also thrived academically. As many championship football or baseball trophies we had, we also had just as many academic achievements. We have had students who won national awards for science projects, essays, and social studies reports.

Don't get me wrong my high school wasn't perfect, but I wouldn't want to have gone anywhere else. The teachers and administration were more than just their title, they were (and still are) family. The connection that teachers and administrators have at that school with students is something that you will not find in any public school. Every teacher I ever had in high school went out of their way to help me achieve my goals in life, and that did not stop when I graduated. I still, two years after I graduated, have teachers who call or text me to see how I am doing. Even though I am not their student anymore, they are still teaching me and giving me advice. The love and support I got and still receive from the teachers and administration is something so special.

Along with the teachers, I was surrounded by kids who became so much more than just friends. When you go to school with someone for over 10 years, you're bound to be friends for life; and honestly, I wouldn't want it any other way.

When people assume that I am privileged, I think to myself "Well yeah, yeah I am" because I had the privilege to go to a school that not only allows my Christianity but encourages it. So many schools nowadays don't allow kids to pray or even say the pledge of allegiance and it breaks my heart. The school environment I grew up in played a HUGE part in the person I am today. Everyone I came in contact with from that school made an impact on me.

My high school's motto is "Building Champions for Life" and that is exactly what they aim to do. I will forever be grateful to the teachers, principals, and classmates who taught me spiritually and intellectually because without them I would not have made it to where I am today.

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