12 Signs You Graduated From A Small Private High School
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12 Signs You Graduated From A Small Private High School

From those weird traditions, to the crazy dress code requirements and everything in between.

12 Signs You Graduated From A Small Private High School
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If you went to a small private school, all of those high school clichés shown on television such as huge lunchrooms and high school parties probably weren't all that relatable to you. Instead, you most likely had to deal with uniforms and everyone knowing everything about you. Here are 12 things that only people who graduated from a small private school can relate to.

1. Getting new students was a big deal

On the rare occasion that you got a new student, it was what everyone was talking about it. And if you were that new student, you were considered the newbie until the next new student arrived--no matter how long that may be.

2. You had no privacy when it came to dating--or anything, for that matter

In private schools, everyone knew everyone's business, so dating someone meant your classmates knew every intimate detail about it.

3. You either wore sweatpants or the trendiest outfits on days you didn't have to wear dress code

On the sacred days where you didn't have to wear a uniform, you took advantage of it either by being as comfortable as possible or being seen as the most fashionable icon by your peers.

4. Athletes were treated as celebrity

While in public schools, athletes were usually fairly popular, private schools took it to a whole new level. And, if you played multiple sports, you were basically invincible.

5. You had that one rival school you competed against for every sport

Your rival school was most likely another prestigious private school. On days where your school played them, the school spirit was amped to the max and the bleachers were packed.

6. A lot of apps and websites were blocked on school computers

If you assumed you could scroll through Twitter and Instagram before typing up that essay, you thought wrong since the school computers had many sites blocked.

7. Detentions were handed out generously

At private schools, not only were detentions given to misbehaved students, but also to students who were 10 minutes late to class or who exposed a little too much shoulder.

8. Teachers also served as friends and coaches

Many private school teachers also coached sports teams and led after-school clubs. They also get very close to their students. Because of this, students probably accidentally called them 'coach' or by their first names in class.

9. Your friends lived a half hour away from you

Because there weren't school districts, your closest friends probably lived pretty far from you. That didn't stop you from commuting to their houses over the weekends, though.

10. Your school had its own slang and jargon

Going to a private school, you tend to form your own culture and slang. Any new students arriving probably had a difficult time catching on to the sayings and inside jokes.

11. Boys and girls would migrate away from each other

If you walk into any private school classroom, you'll likely find boys as one side of the room and girls on the other. Unfortunately, private school students won't benefit from this in the future when they inevitably have to interact with the opposite sex.

12. Your classmates were basically like brothers and sisters

Going through puberty and spending the past 12 years with the same people really bonds you. For the sole reason of knowing everything about them, you can't help but care for your classmates at least a little.

So, if you experienced any of these things, you most likely came from a smaller private school. However, while the strict rules and drama-packed school life seemed overwhelming at times, at least you made some quality friendships and memories that you'll never forget.

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