History was made this past weekend. Hundreds of thousands came out to march in cities all over the United States in support of women. Men and women all coming together to support, to speak up for, and stand by the women in their lives.

This isn't a moment to take for granted. It is one to cherish in our lives, especially as we undergo a time where advocacy for women is coming into question under a new administration. We must continue to stand together in such political acts. We must stand strong in numbers, united in equality and support of all.

To pay tribute to all of the fabulous women who turned out to these marches, and to all of the wonderful women I've had the pleasure of meeting, and especially the ones I get to have in my life, this is for you. Even though you don't need a reminder of it, this is what makes you all so great. If you ever need it, this is why you're all my heroes.

1. You reject the notion that any type of oppression has the power to silence you.

2. You are not blind to the world around you and are capable of the change to shape it.

3. You have the ability to extend acts of kindness because love will always silence hate.

4. You are an activist for yourself and your rights, and support others in their quest to fight for equality and representation.

5. You have had to endure too much already, but your experiences have made you wiser and stronger.

6. You are denied opportunities, but instead can create your own.

7. You own your privilege and seek how you can use that privilege to help those who are oppressed.

8. You are allowed to feel helpless or weak, but you are ultimately unstoppable.

9. You are beautiful with all your faults and accolades.

10. You own your body with all its beautiful curves and goodies.

11. You know when to work it and when you got to work.

12. You can’t help but feel a sense of pride inside when you see a powerful, feminist, well-deserved woman succeed.

13. You are clever and creative in your capabilities to speak, to learn, and to act in whatever drives your passion.

14. You’ve learned about past mistakes continuing to repeat themselves from one generation to the next and are willing to question why we have to continue to suffer.

15. You have hope in a new generation and that you are able to help lead them into being anything they want.

16. You screw the notion that the world doesn’t care about your voice because you know you matter.

17. You know you are incapable of being silenced when you feel every part of your being compels you to speak up.

18. You know when to trust your crazy ideas or emotions when it’s leading you to fight for a greater purpose outside of yourself.

19. You fuck the patriarchy.