I Don’t Have A Beach-Ready Body And It’s OK If You Don’t Either

I Don’t Have A Beach-Ready Body And It’s OK If You Don’t Either

What even is a “beach-ready body,” anyway?

What even is a “beach-ready body,” anyway?

Society’s way of worshipping stick-thin girls and guys with six packs and shaming all of those who don’t have either or?

What’s wrong with a little belly? Some cellulite on them cheeks? A stretch mark or two? I, for one, don’t think having any of those things necessarily means you’re not ready to bare it all at the beach this summer.

That being said, I completely get it. I’m preaching body positivity here, yet I’m also afraid to show some skin. And I understand if you yourself aren’t yet comfortable ditching that white t-shirt and slipping into a bikini or swim trunks. Trust me, I know what it feels like.

I’m just saying, it sucks that that’s a thing.

But I’m not letting my body be the reason why I don’t have fun this summer. I’m going to be half-naked all I want (with maybe some high-waisted bikini bottoms or a one-piece) and I’m going to like it.

And you shouldn’t let your body get in the way of that either. So, go to the beach if you want to. Wear a t-shirt if you must.

I’m not going to judge you. Your friends aren’t going to judge you. And to those who do? A big f*ck you to them. Who asked them, anyway?

In the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and confidence is always key. If you don’t like what you see, take the steps needed to change that. Work out, diet — just get in shape and stay fit! Not just for that beach bod, but for yourself. Your overall health.

And remember, we all come in different shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re all beautiful. I mean that.

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It's 2019, Can We Stop Talking About Women's Bodies

With all of our problems in the world, why do we still body shame women.


I'm sure you've heard everything! I'm sure you've heard the screams of women over analyzing the media for shaming our bodies. While there is shaming in the media, our bodies shouldn't be the focus of our world now. Our society is going through some major problems that our beauty and vanity shouldn't be the forefront of everything we see. Women have been expected to look a certain way since the dawn of our conception. I feel like our health, life and political standing are more important than the color that should be on the lips and cheeks of our face. I'd rather be able to go to the doctor without fear of not being heard then learn how to contour my face into oblivion.

Growing up, I had both skinny and plus-sized girlfriends. Did I have that toxic mindset that they were better than me because they were either skinnier than I or had better breast and butt sizes, yes I did and I hate myself for it. I was the troll back in the Myspace days telling skinny girls to eat a cheeseburger and the plus sized girls that they need to eat more salad. Looking back, I was a terrible human to my own gender. I was that normal sized girl (by today's standards) with some fat to keep me warm in the winter (nonexistent in FLORIDA). I also had my friends that would troll other girls because of their own insecurities and jealousy. That is not how we should treat other girls.

The fact that we have more rights and positions then we've had over the past 100 years and we still feel the need to judge ourselves and others still makes us primitive. Throughout history, women have been regarded as either property or as goddesses. Us being goddesses needs to make a comeback. I'm so thankful that we are considering ourselves goddesses because that will inspire girls to do whatever they want. Nowadays girls are learning traditionally male careers at an early age and that's a great step towards equality.

Women shouldn't be known for their bodies and should be known for our accomplishments. Body shaming is archaic and has no position in today's society. Just because a woman wears a size 00 or 22, it doesn't limit our capabilities. A woman wearing a 00 can accomplish learning computer code as same as a woman wearing a size 18. Women's sizing also isn't regulated because a size 12 can be the same as a size 14 in different brands.

If we are going to be continued to be known for our bodies, it looks like we need to stand up for our health. To be able to have a safe abortion, a judge-free hysterectomy or mastectomy would do our world a lot of good. I would rather have a woman get the right healthcare SAFELY then hear about another woman dying because of medical malpractice due to an under the table procedure. Our bodies have every right to have a necessary or wanted procedure to help us feel healthy in both body and mind. For those who continue to judge...It's none of your business.
So ladies...


you are capable, creative, intelligent, beautiful and WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BE!

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