It's the bookworm's biggest dream and the parent's worst nightmare -- you've chosen to be an English major. Whether it's the indecipherable metaphors, abstract analogies, incessant obsession with all things sexual or the weird outfits, it's never boring living the life of a lit major. I mean, you're going to have to work the rest of your life, so why not study what you love? Here's 11 more reasons why you should. And they're not just about the Shakespeare.

1. You get to talk about sex all the time.

Ohhh, that's what it means...!

2. There's (almost) never a wrong answer.

3. Your professors are wacky.

I had a 70-year-old professor walk up and down a rail once.

4. But they are so amazing.

You can hardly imagine a human being even half as inspiring.

5. You love to read and write, so you basically don't have any homework!

Life is but a dream.

6. Except for writing that 10-page mega-paper.

Sometimes life is a nightmare.

7. You get to be your friends' human dictionary.

Just don't be a total grammar Nazi, OK?

8. You get to sound kind of like an evil genius.

This never gets old.

9. You get to read.

'Nuff said.

10. You get to rebel.

"My parents would literally kill me if I decided to pursue an English major."

11. You know things that future college students may not ever know.

Yes, Sam. We know.