Everyone seems to be asking the same question, "how can I stay healthy when everyone around me is getting sick?" I mean if you type in "how to not" into Google "how to not get the flu" is the first autofill option in the search engine. Well, first thing is first:


Ok now that that’s out of the way here are some facts about this year’s flu.

The flu is a virus and viruses mutate very rapidly, which is why a new flu shot has to be created each year. Of course, some years are more successful than others because scientists have to predict the mutations of the virus in advance. There are four strains of the flu that the flu shot covers for and unfortunately one of parts of the vaccine was less effective in protecting against its corresponding strain of the flu. All that to say, you should still get a flu shot. This year is not any more dangerous than other year’s flu.

The official "flu season" is usually from October to February. So brace yourselves, we still have another month to get through. The best time to get your flu shot is right at the beginning of the flu season in October, but don't use that as an excuse! Better late than never! (CDC)

I feel like this should go without saying but I will say it anyways, please for the good of everyone around you, if you are sick and especially if you are expressing flu-like symptoms stay home from work or school. Nothing good will come out of you actually going in and trying to get work done and you will probably feel even worse anyways.

While many people get a fever when they have the flu, not everyone that gets the flu has a fever. This is something I just learned, I was always told that if you had the flu you would have a fever.

Other symptoms of the flu include body aches, congestion including runny or stuffed nose and coughing, sore throat, and fatigue. You might also experience chills or headaches.

We all know the media likes to play stories up and that includes flu cases. When you hear about people dying from the flu, it usually means that they developed pneumonia, or a complication of the flu which significantly worsens a preexisting chronic medical condition.

Finally, make sure you are getting plenty of sleep. I know it is difficult with school or work but without enough sleep, your immune system will not be able to properly do its job to fight off infections and viruses.

So here we go guys, one more month of flu season. Get some rest, drink plenty of water, and maybe grab a multivitamin or some extra vitamin C for a little extra immune system boost!