Lately, it's been multiple things getting me down. Some are changeable (but not yet), and others not so much. The one main thing that can change is my outlook. Stress also isn't a pretty thing and it has been hitting me pretty hard. However, I always try to be the most positive version of myself. I like to also help everyone else bring up their spirits, because life is too short not to be singing songs wherever you go. Am I right? ...No? Yes I am that person.

What I found to help, in a non-crazy way, is just to say everything you have on your mind out loud to yourself. It's like a diary page you later burn, except now its words that only the air can absorb. It is therapeutic and also helps you collect your own jumbled thoughts.

After that, I practice to be grateful: focusing on what I am currently happy with and what is happening in the now, instead of worrying about what I am not happy with and what stresses me about my future.

OR you can go ahead and scream "ECHO" several times in the mountains. That could work too.

Regardless, getting your own thoughts out to yourself (who won't judge you...kinda) is super helpful. Give it a shot.

Remember that all things are temporary and that the permanent things all take work and effort. If something is not going right it will change. Also don't be paranoid if something is going right, because chances are you worked for it and or just simply deserve it. Enjoy the little things in life, be grateful for what you have, and revel in this crazy thing called life. We don't get another one.

So if you're looking for a sign, this is your sign!