Thinking Positive Changed My Life
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Thinking Positive Changed My Life

Sometimes all it takes is a new mindset.

Thinking Positive Changed My Life

Life sucks. I have so much work to do. I'm literally going to get a C. I don't even care anymore. I said to myself as I clicked an ugly snap and sent it to all my 15 best friends on Snapchat.




A flood of notifications.

....well, now I had 15 people to complain with!

This became a routine.

Hey! Do you have any plans for tonight?
Nah, dude. I have no friends, lmao. Guess I'll just watch a depressing movie and cry lolol

It was as if I just HAD to find something wrong in every situation. At first, I thought I was being super funny. But was I really? Was that self-deprecating humor really necessary? It surely wasn't- but that's not what I learned during all the time I spent looking at memes on Tumblr. This is something very common among all of us today.

Being negative just to be funny. I mean how many times have said self-deprecating things? How many times have you uttered "cannot's" and "won't's" and "dont's"? You might be thinking that I'm making a big deal of it all, but I'm really not. Proof? well, take it from science. The Law of Attraction; which states that we become what we think and speak.

You know when people say " I mean... this person just gives me a weird vibe."


"Nah, we don't vibe on the same level"

You know why? Because our bodies are made of energies. The human body is all energy, in fact. When we meet people who hold negativity and have negative patterns, we feel that. You may not "feel" it consciously, but being around negative people, or being negative, lowers our vibrations ( vibes) and this, in turn, repels people. (In short, being negative will ruin your life!)

Yes, it sounds extra and it may seem superficial to make your life seem full of "butterflies and rainbows." But, what if it could ACTUALLY be like that?

How can you be more positive?

Take it from me-the Happy-go-Lucky, super-energetic and overly excited Lill' Unicorn. ( Yep, aha.)

Listen to happy songs

Now, there are very few things you can actually control in life. People and situations, almost always disappoint. (ugh, I know!) Music, fortunately, is not one of them. (YASS) Hence, we rely on it so heavily. One of the easiest ways you can start your day on a positive note is by listening to a 'feel good' song(s).

I'm not telling you to go all-out and be dance your way from one class to another, but dance your way from your dorm to the bathroom, at least. As cliché as this might sound, one of the best ways to keep happy during the day is to wake up happy and what's better than waking up super excited for your 8 am Calculus class on a Monday? (Yes, I have an 8 a.m. Calc class on Monday).

Make the mirror your best friend

Yes. Do it. Every time you look in the mirror, give yourself the compliments you've always waited for others to give. Tell yourself that you love your eyes, tell yourself that you love the hair and that you're going to do great! You see, we wait for people to tell give us confirmation that we're good.

We wait to see that in our GPA, and when we don't, we discredit everything we've ever done! So, take that little "me-time." Look in the mirror and nourish yourself with positive words.

Stop being negative

"So, how can I start being positive?"

"um... stop being negative?"

Forreal, though.

"I don't... I won't... I can't... I hate....." Shhh.

You do, you will, you can and you love.

Remember, Law of Attraction? You attract what you think and speak. If you say you can't, then guess what? You won't! If you say you hate? then, that's what you'll get. Do yourself a favor and start thinking of how lovely life is, how great you're doing and how you're surrounded by amazing people.

Attitude of gratitude

Lastly, and most importantly, be grateful. I know life can get a little 'uh oh' sometimes but, nonetheless, be grateful. Appreciate each and every moment because it's all happening for the greater good. We often value things and moments when it's too late. If you learn to live in the moment and be thankful for everything you have- the good and the bad, you'll get the Universe thinking

"Oh, so she DOES realize what has?"

"Ahh, okay. She really values everything. Well, guess I'll just give her some more to enjoy."

And that is how, ladies and gentlemen, the Law of Attraction will work its magic yet again. So, until then- live in the moment, appreciate what you have, give love, be kind and remember, if my life can have rainbows and butterflies, yours can, too.

Yours truly,

Anjika Mehta.

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