No, You're Not Antisocial If You Hate Social Interaction

You've probably seen the memes about being "antisocial" -- not wanting to engage in social interaction. If you haven't, here are a couple of examples:

Spoiler alert: antisocial does not mean hating social interaction. In fact, it's actually a personality disorder and is characterized by "a pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others." In other words, being antisocial means engaging in behaviors that go against society. Yes, you can argue that you're "going against society" by not wanting to talk to other people, but being antisocial is a little more extreme than that.

Sociopaths are antisocial. I'm pretty sure you're not a sociopath for not feeling like going to a party that night.

You might be asking yourself why I took time out of my day to make a little PSA about antisocial personality disorder, and that's because I'm tired of people misinterpreting the meaning of the word antisocial and making memes about it. Also, as a psychology major, I'm a huge advocate for educating people about things like this.

P.S.: if I see you sharing an "antisocial" meme, I'm probably going to think that you're a sociopath.

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