Fear - Noun - An unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipated or awareness of danger.

I set out with a goal in mind to find out anonymously 50 people's biggest fears. The results were shocking. Many of the fears listed are repeats, which speaks volumes about what people fear the most. It also shows that no fear is too unrealistic because a fear is a fear.

When asked, "What is your biggest fear?" these are the responses I collected:

  1. Dying in a car accident.
  2. Small spaces.
  3. Spiders.
  4. Losing everyone I care about.
  5. Becoming homeless.
  6. Rejection.
  7. Someone close to me dying.
  8. Being kidnapped.
  9. Drowning.
  10. Ending up alone in life.
  11. That someone won’t accept me for me.
  12. Not being able to be with the person I love in the future.
  13. Being alone.
  14. Being unsuccessful.
  15. Death.
  16. Alone - you can have all the money in the world but still be miserable with no one to share it with
  17. Letting people down.
  18. Birds.
  19. Drowning.
  20. Fire.
  21. Not succeeding in life.
  22. Being alone.
  23. Clowns.
  24. Being abandoned.
  25. Losing my loved ones.
  26. Being in poverty.
  27. Not being able to breathe.
  28. Spiders.
  29. Heights.
  30. Camels.
  31. Spiders.
  32. Cats - attacking.
  33. How I'll die- not dying.
  34. Having my mistakes cause me to lose those who are closest to me.
  35. The dark.
  36. Heights.
  37. To be alone.
  38. Failing.
  39. Clowns.
  40. My own self.
  41. Failure.
  42. That my father will pass away before I gain a relationship with him.
  43. Failure.
  44. Failure.
  45. Dying unhappy.
  46. Snakes.
  47. Not making my parents proud.
  48. Spiders.
  49. Losing my loved ones.
  50. Getting lost in the middle of the ocean alone.

After collecting the data, I noticed two reoccurring themes, being alone and failure. Alone and failure speak volumes. Why is it that our society is not okay with being alone? Why is it that failure scares the hell out of us? Both are natural things and should not be something to fear. If you're never alone and constantly surrounded by people, how are you expected to discover who you are? What you love, what you hate? What makes you tick? What songs make you cry and what movies make you smile? Being alone is a good thing, and it's something everyone should get comfortable with.

Failure is inevitable. If you never make a mistake in life, what's so fun about that? If I'm being honest with you, nobody is perfect, and we all make mistakes. Failure is also something everyone should get comfortable with. Without it, we would never learn from our mistakes and be able to better ourselves.

So, what is your biggest fear?