Dear Minnesota Vikings,

This letter is directed to everyone and anyone who is part of the Minnesota Vikings organization. While I understand most of you have had little or no impact on this situation, because you’re part of the organization in some way, you’re part of the problem.

First and foremost, saying I’m disappointed would be an understatement. You’d think I’d have a better word to describe my feelings, but I’m caught between a burning rage and ugly tears. I’m the first to admit I’m not a football professional by any means, I’d consider my knowledge about average. However, I enjoy and do my research ahead of time so that what I’m saying is not purely based on opinion. This is one of those circumstances that contains both, so excuse me if I’m unable to professionally address my emotions here.

With that being said, how dare you? How dare you let Case Keemun walk after less than a year as starting quarterback? The man who took over and proved everyone wrong by leading the team to one of the best records in franchise history. The man who was one game away from taking the team to their first Super Bowl in decades. You want to get rid of someone? How about that prized defense who showed up in the final NFC game looking like the high school JV team against the Eagles. I pray to God that game isn’t the reason you let him go, because Case did nearly everything right. How you could just let him go when this upcoming season was set to be the Super Bowl winning season is beyond me.

I’d also like to address the fact that you chose Trevor f-ing Simian as the backup. Are you freaking kidding me!? You couldn’t have kept Case around as a backup? Or even someone we already know and who works with us in Bradford and Bridgewater. Two average at best quarterbacks, neither with past seasons to be proud of and injury prone players not worth the risk. However, light years beyond what Denver’s backup backup has done or can do. I can’t imagine much more infuriating than tuning in on Sundays to see Cousins as the starter and Denver’s reject as his backup when Case is off in Denver hopefully being given the respect from administration he didn’t get here, but did from the fans.

Now, it would be one thing if you’d let Case go and snatched Drew Brees or someone on that level. I think most Vikings fans would be thrilled to take on an aging quarterback with a couple years left if it meant finally winning a Super Bowl. But no, instead, you chose Kirk Cousins. Kirk freaking Cousins. A quarterback who has done nothing to prove that he’s anything special and can lead a team to victory. A quarterback who’s ridiculously high paycheck could potentially mean getting rid of other star players to clear up cap space. Players who have for the last two years have been vital to one of, if not the, best defense in the league. Instead of keeping that intact and continuing with a quarterback who they like and have winning chemistry with, you piss that away to take a chance with an average at best quarterback. Mind you, a quarterback who so far doesn’t have very many fans here. You better pray to God Cousins takes us to and wins the Super Bowl this year, because otherwise the fans will run the entire Vikings administration out of the state.

I will still cheer for this team, because Cousins won’t be around forever and my loyalty and love for this team runs deeper than that. I will however deny Cousins as our quarterback unless he wins the Super Bowl. Because other than that, he does not deserve to wear the purple and gold over a quarterback who has already proved against the odds that he could be the future of the franchise. Or at least deserve the chance to begin the year as the starting quarterback. I stand firmly in my belief that signing Cousins is one of the biggest, and highest priced, mistakes to be made in Vikings history.

It’s Super Bowl 53 victory or bust for Cousins and the Vikings higher up staff. Good luck. Hope I’m eating my words come February 3rd.


A bitter but loyal Vikings fan