To The Teachers I Will Never Forget

To The Teachers I Will Never Forget

Thank you for everything you do on a daily basis.

First and foremost, I want to say thank you. Not for the countless hours you put into preparing lessons, or the countless hours grading assignments and tests. Not for the academic knowledge or in-school lessons. Thank you for the life advice and guidance you imparted on me during my primary education years.

Throughout my K-12 years, I have been blessed with so many wonderful teachers. Wonderful teachers that have made an impact on my life forever. And they definitely do not get the recognition and appreciation they deserve. I’m not even sure if some of my teachers know how much they meant to me. And if you’re reading this: you made an impact on my life and I cannot thank you enough.

The life advice you all gave me stays with me every single day, such as:

Always put your work before hanging out with friends.

Never ignore a dream just because you think it’s too late.

Don’t let go of your passion just because it isn’t popular.

Never allow a friendship/relationship come between you and your responsibilities.

Remember to call your family/friends on their birthday, even if it is 7 A.M.

Saying no is okay.

You are not invincible.

And the sun will always rise tomorrow.

These life lessons have stayed with me through difficult life situations and traumas. They have cheered me up when I’m down and brought me down when I was too proud. I hope you know how important these lessons are, as important, if not more important, than the academics.

Since graduating, I have had ample time to think about the time I spent with teachers and schoolmates. If I could go back, I would try to show more appreciation to each teacher for what they did for their students, including myself. As well as try to persuade others to do the same.

For all of those still in school, take the time to talk to your teachers and get to know them as people. They’re more than graders and behavior monitors. They’re parents, friends, artists, animal adorers, music enthusiasts, athletes, and so much more. They are magnificent people.

To all of the teachers out there, I know we – as students – aren’t always easy. In fact, we usually are crazy and hard to deal with. But I promise you we will always remember the teachers that took the time to look past our crazy and teach us more than academics.

Thank you.

Cover Image Credit: Baim Hanif

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Yes, I Want To Be A Teacher

"You know you don't make that much money, right?"

Yes, I want to be a teacher. Yes, I know what the salary of a teacher is like. Yes, I know that people will view my future career as “easy.” No, I would not want any other job in the world.

I am sure that I am not the only future educator who has had enough with hearing all the critiques about becoming a teacher; we are tired of hearing all the negative aspects because it’s obvious that the positives will ALWAYS outweigh those judgemental negative comments.

So, why do I want to be a teacher? I am sure that I speak for many other future teachers when I say that I am not doing it for the salary, benefits, or even the summer vacation (although that is a great plus!).

I want to be a teacher because I will be able to wake up on Mondays and actually be excited. Saturday and Sunday will be a nice break to relax, but I know that I will be ready to fill up my apple-shaped mug with coffee on Monday morning and be ready for a day full of laughs and new lessons for my students for the upcoming week.

I want to be a teacher because I get to have an impact on tomorrow's leaders. No, I don’t mean that I’m predicting my future student to be the president of the United States (but, hey, that would be a pretty cool accomplishment). I mean that I have the job to help students recognize that they have the power to be a leader in and out of the classroom.

I want to be a teacher because I don’t want an easy day. Challenges are what push me to greatness and success. Although many people think teaching is an easy profession, I know that it isn’t easy. It’s very hard, every day at every moment. But it is worth it when a student finally understands that math problem that stumped them for awhile and they have a huge smile from ear to ear.

I want to be a teacher because I want to work with kids. I mean, come on, what else is greater than a kid having fun and you’re the reason why? A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a child being excited and having fun while learning is worth a million.

I want to be a teacher because I don’t want a high salary. If I really cared about making a six-figure income, I would have chosen a different profession. Teaching is not about the check that I bring home every week or two, it’s about what I learn and the memories that I make; the memories that I get to share with my family at dinner that night.

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I want to be a teacher because there is nothing else in this world that I’d rather do for the rest of my life. Sure, there may be other jobs that are rewarding in more ways. But to me, nothing can compare to the view of a classroom with little feet swinging back and forth under a desk from a student learning how to write their ABCs.

Teaching may not be seen as the perfect profession for everyone, but it is the perfect profession for me.

Cover Image Credit: TeacherPop

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