Separation Of Families At US-Mexico Border

Never in my life did I think I would ever see the day in which we separated families.

Not only did we separate families, but we also put people in such conditions that are cruel and can only constitute as torture. It takes me back in history to two different times where I wasn't alive but learned about in world history. It reminds me of Japanese internment camps in the United States. It reminds me of the beginning of the Holocaust in Germany.

Back then, the government rounded people up who didn't fit a mold. Sound familiar? Probably because it is.

There is a person in office who refuses to denounce David Duke, a renowned Klu Klux Klan leader, and refuses to acknowledge Gay Pride Month and says things degrading things about people who are not white or do not agree with him. Every high up leader in government has been fired or sent to another country if they don't agree with him.

While I understand the severity of what I am comparing, the comparison must be made if we want to keep history from being repeated any more than it already has.

Now let's get to why I am making this comparison.

There are children sleeping on cots with Myler blankets. These are the same style blankets that runners use after a long marathon. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, otherwise known as ICE, is keeping young children in similar conditions that prisoners live in for absolutely no reason.

An Associated Press article shows explicit photos of children being held in cages at a El Paso Border Patrol Security. There are over 1,000 people in this facility, and there is not an adequate number of guards to take care of these children. There are 16-year-olds changing diapers because guards won't do it or legally couldn't do it.

This is not the first time in which government agencies have come under the scope. As police brutality continues to grow in the United States, nothing is being done. ICE is running wild and it seems like every few days either local or national news brings about another case of police brutality in some form.

Sometimes this is the case of beating someone, other times have been cases of inmate rape by guards or while in police custody, while others have even been as severe as murder--and it continues to get worse. Just because someone has a badge allows for them to quite literally get away with murder in some caes. What ICE is doing to include its agents is another example of the power of a badge and the Nuremberg defense.

While Trump has just signed an executive order, damage has already been done.

He was the one that implemented the 'zero tolerance' policy, and he is also the person that could have ended this months ago with a phone call. Over 1,000 families have been separated, and it is going to take a lot more for those families to be reunited.

Even with this executive order, parents and families stay in the same detention center but are still separated. Families are still being separated, and the conditions as far as cages don't change. People are still forced in prison-like conditions that are inhumane. It is sending a message that the people being held there are no longer people, but rather they are animals.

I'm tired of hearing parties blame each other.

I'm tired of hearing the Nuremberg defense.

I'm tired of defenses.

While I admit I tend to lean one way, this goes beyond the political lines. Former first lady Michelle Obama tweeted "truth transcends party."

This is not a political game. These are human beings we are talking about.

Not aliens. Humans. Children. Families. People. It is a matter of human welfare. It should not matter the color of their skin or if they have a social security card. None of these variables matter. When we start separating ourselves and dissociating ourselves from our actions it is when we lose humanity.

We lose our humanity as a country.

We turn into a police state. We are now in our current circumstances a police state.

Change must come because I refuse to lose my humanity because the president has none.

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