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Cancer Can Affect Anyone, Even SEC Softball Players

Mississippi State softball player leaves a legacy behind after her fight with cancer.

Cancer Can Affect Anyone, Even SEC Softball Players

The ugly "C" word. Cancer. A diagnosis that no single person wants and the one thing that has taken some of the most precious lives to Heaven a bit too early. If you have never lost a close loved one to cancer then consider yourself very lucky and blessed. I pray and hope my family and loved ones stay healthy forever, however that is not the reality of the world. A precious soul was lost this week, and it definitely hit home, and I feel it is only right that I share a message that deserves to be shared and discussed.

Ladies, listen up! Men, welcome to the battle against ovarian cancer. I was introduced to it when my grandmother's life was taken when I was extremely young, so I work on spreading as much advocacy that I can about this. Dear ovarian cancer, you are not wanted or welcomed. Today is another day closer to us finding a cure, so, for now, I hold friends and family closer and pray one day this disease will be a thing of the past.

Former Mississippi State Softball player, Alex Wilcox.

Meet Mississippi State softball player, Alex Wilcox. You see a young woman of strength and perseverance. You see a woman who got taken from us before we could even see her potential. This sweet and beautiful girl lost her battle with ovarian cancer last week and hearts across the Southeastern Conference broke. I did not know you Alex, but I do wish I could have told you these things before you left us and headed to Heaven, and to a life of no more pain or suffering. Sweet Alex, thank you for being a fighter. Did you know in the wake of your passing more awareness has been shared with hundreds across the nation and recognition was given than before? Sweet girl, you have left a legacy.

When I think of a strong woman, you are certainly on my list of warriors. The angels rejoiced when you were no longer suffering and taken to Heaven for a life of endless eternal bliss. I know that you probably already have found a softball and bat. I bet you are hugging your family, and I know you are looking down at your teammates and cheering them on. Not only now, but you will forever. How beautiful? With your lost battle to cancer so young in life, the country is reminded that no one soul is clear. Cancer does not discriminate and you taught that and more to so many people. You left a legacy beautiful girl, but I wish your life had not been cut so short and your loved ones were not having to mourn today. Trust me, you changed lives this week. Before the news broke I did not know you or your story, now I only wish I would have. I wish I knew your desires and what made your heart happy. I will await the day I get to hug you myself. softball field flies flags at half at half mass.

Ovarian cancer is so ugly. However, we can hopefully one day live in a world where it does not exist. Friends, do your research and stay informed. I pray you will never have the "C" word in your life. Cancer, you will be cured eventually and I vow to always spread information about you. Our world will be a much happier place once you no longer have a death note attached to you.

Beautiful girl, fly high. Never again will you experience the pain and struggle that is ovarian cancer and I type that with tears in my eyes. You will be missed, Alex Wilcox. My deepest condolences to those who knew and loved you.

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