Advice on Postpartum depression & how to deal with it by Dr Prabhjot Gill
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Advice on Postpartum depression & how to deal with it by Dr Prabhjot Gill

Motherhood is an amazing feeling in every woman's life. It is a journey that almost all women cherish but you can face troubles post-delivery as well

Advice on Postpartum depression & how to deal with it by Dr Prabhjot Gill

Motherhood is an amazing feeling in every woman's life. It is a journey that almost all women cherish but you can face troubles post-delivery as well. It doesn't need to be physical issues but it can also be mental. If you are feeling severely sad & also facing some troubles in bonding with your baby, chances are that you have developed PPD or Postpartum Depression.

This isn't an unusual situation, it can happen to any new mother after her delivery.

It can cause problems like mood swings, severe sadness, and loneliness. It is always good to get yourself diagnosed at the earliest and start the treatment because it can get serious if ignored. They can check your condition appropriately and suggest the course of your treatment that works best for you and for any confusion contact Dr Prabhjot Gill.You can also use home techniques to keep your depression at a check. Here are some tips that you can put to use.

Exercise as much as you can:

Many researchers suggest that exercising can help women a lot to control them. It can help you get rid of your PPD. You are not required to do any intense exercises. Instead, you can just take a walk outside with your baby in the stroller. Studies have proven that walking is an effective way to reduce depression. You can also work out briefly to keep your system active.

Follow a proper diet:

Nutritious food can help you straighten up your life to a greater extent. Try to plan out your week's meals and avoid junk food. Eat on time, choose healthy munchies over snacks.

Spend time with yourself:

Your new mom's duty might keep you preoccupied, but you must make out some time for yourself. It can help you immensely to recover from the depression that is kicking in within you. You can spend some me-time by going for a movie or to the salon once a week. You deserve it, and therefore you must get it.

Rest more:

Doctors around the globe recommend new moms to take a nap whenever their baby sleeps. It might sound crazy to you initially, but it is scientifically proven. The more you rest, the sooner you recover from PPD. Scientists have discovered that women who don't sleep well experience depressive symptoms more frequently. Your sleep schedule must remain intact to help you have a clear mind.

Follow your breastfeeding:

Many people say that breastfeeding is therapeutic. It helps you connect with your baby and also reduces the risk of suffering from PPD. It can keep you at a safe distance from PPD almost until your fourth month since the delivery. Whereas, this method can as well rebound and cause you Dysmorphic Milk Ejection reflex which can upset you while your milk lets down for a few minutes.

Therefore, pick the method that suits you best.

Avoid isolation:

Isolation is a common breeding ground for any kind of depression. In this case, new moms feel intimidated as they take on this job that can get tricky at times. They try to suppress their feelings and this can cause PPD. Studies have shown that talking to experienced mothers who have undergone PPD can help these women a lot. Speaking to adult moms is highly recommended to every new mom.

Make time for your relationship with your partner:

In many cases, divorces tend to happen right after the arrival of the first baby. You need to give time to your partner because it will also help you to gather your emotional support. A new baby can disrupt your relationship in many cases, but this should not happen. Divide responsibilities and do not scapegoat. Work as a unit together and chuck out some time for the two of you.


These are a few methods to recover from PPD on your own at home. These are recommended by the scientists to almost all new moms because if PPD takes over your system once it can get really difficult to walk out of it. We hope you like these methods after you put them to use.

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